Monday, July 16, 2007

Riverside Indonesian Restaurant @ Riverside Point (Part 2)

Here's the rest of the dishes...

This big huge fish came. I would say the fish is a bit dry.

This is the ala carte order of Otah.

Of course there's Satay lah.. Chicken and Mutton.

As you can see, everything is panggang, so what else is there to panggang?
Ikan Pari Panggang lah... (Ray Fish)

The Udang (Prawns) is also panggang.

The next and the last dish is surprisingly not panggang!
It's Sotong!

It was a good time meeting with people. Even the way we order, come to think of it is funny.
On the set menu, there's these numbers, and for each number, there's a panggang something and another version. We were just like voting, some are non brainer, of course we will take certain things over others.

Happy Birthday Kevin!

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pinkhippo said...

I think I really like eating a lot ... just taken my supper ... it is satay plus fried carrot cake from Bukit Timah food centre and now I can still say this ..

I like most of the food ... I like the satay, Pari Pangang, Udang pangang plus the sotong. Feeling hungry again... lol

Momo said...

The fish kind of look a little scary :P

The Cooking Ninja said...

mmm....drool drool drool .... I love the ray fish and sotong ... yum yum.

Anonymous said...

Indonesians like this kind of fish serving (the big fish) to be a bit dry, especially if it's fried, so it's not surprising if you found the fish a little too dry for your taste.

Anonymous said...

Hey may i know wat is the range of the price?

there's this promotion right? 1 person $10 ++??

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