Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Smooth Skin Species Avocado

You have seen the tree in a previous post.

Here's the close up of the fruit.

It's the smooth skin species. Ok, not so smooth, with a bit of blemish. But it's not the ones that we usually get from the shops, which are wrinkled species.

Take a look at this website at Purdue University. Lots of info!

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tigerfish said...

Look so different from the conventional avocado. Can eat like that ?

Anonymous said...

The one in the photo is certainly eatable but taste is bland and watery i.e. has a high water content.

The wrinkled and spiky ones are called "Hass". Much better to taste, buttery in nature. My favourite. Eat like it is with a spoon. Use for sandwiches instead of butter. Joy.

Just visited Spore. Gluttony at its best!!

Aussie Tourist

Shilpa said...

Keropok, I think this is the kind that's sually grown in Mexico, see them and the wrinkly sort here. Check out this site:


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