Monday, July 09, 2007

Zhu Jiang Roast Meat @ Toa Payoh

Remember I told you yesterday that colleague got craving for Shao La. He crave for meat from this store lor...

So, we came all the way here to makan our lunch. It's at the ground floor of the Car Park building just beside HDB Hub.

Here's the 'Shao Rou' and 'Cha Shao' (Roast Pork).

And the duck fans (which are my colleagues) sure order duck when there's a chance. Duck very fat fat though. They love the fat. (yikes!)

This is the Kiam Chai soup. (Salted veg soup).
I like this soup, but it's a bit on the peppery side.

We also ordered two veg sides. This is the 'tao geh' / bean-sprouts.
If you have sharp eyes, yes, those are fried lard. (yikes again.. but again, they do not have trans fat though...)

Let me ask you all a question, would you all eat the lard?
For me, I avoid it if possible. But I will take one piece sometimes. :-O

By the way, these 3 (out of 6) colleagues of mine who we usually go out for lunch, they love chicken skin, pork lard etc, and guess what! Their cholesterol levels are low! Sigh... unfair isn't it? (yes, we take yearly blood test)

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The Cooking Ninja said...

Haven't had roasted pork for very long time, roast duck also, aiyah ... Kiam Chai soup... drooling already lah.

If it is not too fatty, I would eat the lard too.

Momo said...

The shao rou looks really good. Duck ok lah, your other post from Tiong Bahru looks better :P Lard, its a no-no for me :)

arzhou (Adrian) said...

who cares, i will just eat :)

tigerfish said...

Woo.....I would eat chicken WITH the skin, duck fat , and pork lard! See lah...I muffin liao! :O

pinkhippo said...

I love all the food except for the bean sprouts, I only like green vegetables...

Look at the roasted duck! yummmy... did you request for two drum sticks? So delicious looking... :)

I love chicken skin, pork lard too but I cant eat too much because I have high cholesterol. It is fair. :) At least it applies to me...

Anonymous said...

Uhhhhhhhh its no fair. I want one of these in America >.< just thinking of this great food I'm missing out on. I think i may really cry after seeing that pork ;(

If you know any good places like this in central Texas or anywhere else in North America tell me ^^

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