Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hawker food @ Dover Market and Food Centre

Today's lunch was at Dover Market and Food Centre. This place's not going to be around for long. If you go there nowadays, you can only see a few stores left.

What did we eat?

Two colleague at Vegetarian from 2 different stores, the pictures are not here. They ate too fast. haha..

Another ate the Beef Rice from the Zhi Char store at the market side.

Another 2 ordered Kuey Teow Mee, one person loves 'hum' and the other do not eat 'hum'. haha..

I ate Pork Rib rice also from the Zhi Char store. Both from the Zhi Char taste ok, but a bit oily lah. But all nice food's oily right? Unless it was yesterday's sandwich. haha...

We ended our meal from this dessert stall, where one colleague said the lady makes dessert with the most passion. (The rest of us translate passion = long wait. haha..)

2 ate bo bo chacha, not shown here. 3 of us ate Chendol. It always look whitish right?

So, I dig abit lah, then now you can see the chendol and the ang tow. (red beans). Not bad....

We realise that we should have ordered Ice Kachang instead! Look at all the Ang Tow on it! This colleague's dessert had the stare from the rest of us.

Wonder tomorrow, jiak si mi. haha....

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Momo said...

wow! the ice kachang looks good withe the corn and red beans just flowing down :P
I used to eat there lots, coz school was and good :)

tigerfish said...

I want char kway teow!

pinkhippo said...

Agree, think the char kway teow looks good. :)

Rasa Malaysia said...

OMG, the ice kacang looks like mount kinabalu with red beans. LOL.

Sean said...

This place brings back memories, i use to study across the road, i must say its one of the places with the best food. Indeed the chicken rice (store in the middle), char kuay tiao, wanton mee, curry rice is a must try. Every time i go back now, die die also must drink the soya bean and sugar cane. The dessert store with the yellow bowls are much better as compared to the one on the other side.

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