Sunday, August 26, 2007

Patara Fine Thai Cuisine @ Raffles City

Sunday afternoon, we thought of trying Thai food at Patara. My guest blogger did post it once and said the food was good.

So came here because we had a $40 voucher. Err. come to think of it, that voucher is enough to off set the Service charge and GST only! haha...

We truly enjoyed the food there. Fine table cloth and nice plates. They changed plates after our starters too. Realised they are particular on how the plates are laid in front of us. The patterns are placed correctly.

5 of us were there. Tried the Ice Lemongrass Tea. 3 of us took this, 1 hot lemongrass tea and at the back of the picture, 1 watermelon juice for the kid.

We ordered stuff that has a recommendation mark on the menu.
This is wraps that we ate. It's called Miang Kam. It has betelnut leaves wrapped over minced chicken salad, peanuts, chilli, lime, onion and ginger.

This is Porpia Pak Ar, Thai tacos served with stir-fried minced chicken, prawns, tofu and beansprouts. We liked this very much.

The soup on the menu looks tempting, so we ordered 2 of them.
This is the Fish Maw Soup. Sis and Aunt loves fish maw, so they enjoyed it lots. It comes with quail eggs in it.

We also had a Seafood Tom Yum Soup. Photos came out too too blur, so it's not appearing here. hehe.

What else did we have? See tomorrow's post.

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tigerfish said...

A lot of lobang hor? First got rebate, now got voucher! :P

Camemberu said...

Essan or Isan is the northeast region of Thailand. The food there is distinctly different from the usual Thai fare, and yes, it does involve quite a bit of glutinous rice.

Your a la carte dishes look really good. Patara also has a brunch on weekends too but I think I prefer your dishes.

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