Monday, August 27, 2007

Patara Fine Thai Cuisine @ Raffles City (Part 2)

We tried 2 different kinds of rice as well. Crabmeat Rice and also the Black Olive Rice.
We like the Black Olive Rice better. Maybe its because it has those fragrant pieces of meat. :-)

For the veg, we ordered the Aubergine. It's Aubergine stir-fried with shrimp paste, chilli and basil. Sis is tasked to cook eggplant until it taste like this. haha... I like basil fried like this.

Green Curry is ordered when our uncle joins us. He likes green curry, so do all of us!
Chicken green curry with aubergine and sweet basil. Ingredients almost similar to the top one! But it taste so different.

If you are like us, want to try it all, you will order the Mix Grilled Platter.
It has the grilled Australian Sirloin and grilled Pork Neck, with Essan style glutinous rice. I don't know what Essan means, but its the thing wrapped up in the green leaves.

We have the option to pay an extra $7 for the desserts buffet, but we could not eat anymore. Maybe another time. Wonder if they have only dessert buffet without the mains. hehe..

How much? Not posting the receipt as they still print the full credit card number on it. (err time to update system and print only the last 4 digits please...) $215.40 Quite all right for 5 and provided excellent service and food.

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Ming_the_Merciless said...

I love Thai food! I eat it about once a week or so. Yummy!

pinkhippo said...

I was there for lunch on Thursday, to celebrate my colleague birthday. I dont think the food is as nice as before.

But we like the dessert buffet. Yes good idea to have dessert buffet without main course.

The Cooking Ninja said...

yum yum...I went to the one in Tanglin Mall long time ago but I do not know if it still exists. The food was delicious.

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