Friday, August 24, 2007

Mumtaz Mahal @ Far East Plaza

Colleagues and I, we were suppose to have Jap food in Far East Plaza but it was so full and had a long wait. We decided to go elsewhere. A colleague's nose brought us here. He smell from the kitchen earlier while walking in from the carpark that the naan was heavenly!

So we decided to venture into this shop. It's called Mumtaz Mahal. The place is very dimly lighted and I did not want to use flash much, so the pictures are a bit dark and grainy here.

We ordered the set meals. I had the Quantas Set, while the rest had Tandoori Chicken Set.

We were served this. Think it is called Lacha Pratha. Tandoori bread made of wheat and wholemeal flour.

It comes with this container of 4 things. The one behind is some chopped onions plus something mix. The one of the left is mint. The one on the right is something very very sweet, its some kind of jam we think. The front one was bitterish something.

We ordered Indian Tea Tarik. We thought we would want to try something different.
We were served empty cups on our table. Huh? We thought. How are they going to tarik the tea? (tried to upload a video of the guy coming with a pot of tea and tarik the tea in front of us using the new blogger tool, but it failed. aiya)

My Quantas Set arrived. We found out that it's actually the same thing as the what my colleagues ordered! haha.. Except mine came in individual portions. Here's the tandoori. We all think it is absolutely delicious. It is very moist and not dry at all and full of taste.

This is the Nasi Briyani. Very good too.

This is the mutton curry. We finished every drop of the curry.

This is some yogurt thingy. For this, I only had a few scoop. Such a big bowl. Help!

This is some dahl thingy that was very tasty too. The other set did not have this, only the Quantas set.

This is curry veg, it's very frozen mix veg tasting. haha... Coz it was carrots, peas, etc...

This was how it appeared in front of me, with my chicken being nibbled already.

If you ordered the Tandoori set, it's almost similar, but served in a metal container, what we call hostel style. hehe..

Yup, it came with this naan that was delicious. Those bits are garlic and for garlic lovers, it is yummmmmm... How did the various curry and sauces finished? It was wiped off with this naan.

This was served after they empty our tables. Another set of metal containers with 3 things. In front is sugar coated cumin seeds, the left it is cardamon seeds and the third one rock sugar.

We were taught how to eat the cardamom, we are suppose to peel off the husk and eat the black seeds inside. Both the cardamom and cumin taste so good! Our mouth did not smell of curry after!

After that mango ice cream came. I ate the cumin with the ice cream in my mouth. Good combi!

The damage? See for yourself hehe...

Damaged was picked up by this senior colleague. He said it is his treat. Thanks Mr T.
One thing we laughed at was the bottom of the receipt. It told us to exercise regularly!

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Ming_the_Merciless said...

S$3 for teh tarik???

It was like MR$1.80 in Kuching and MR$2.50 in KL.

momo said...

Service charge 5%? Its half price! Usually service charge is 10% ;)

teckiee said...

wahhhhh so nice!!!!! full indian meal whahahah... i have never really tried "real" indian food

Chubbypanda said...

I've never understood raita (that yogurt thingie).

snoopy said...

The tandoori chicken set & naan looks v tempting...! Must try one day...

tigerfish said...

Looks really good! Need to eat some briyani with curry again :O

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