Monday, August 06, 2007

Sushi Tei @ Raffles City

Last Saturday nite, we met a friend who have come to work in Singapore for a few months and met him for dinner.

We ate at Sushi Tei, why did we go there? Coz we wanted to use some Sushi Tei vouchers! Did I hear lame? haha..

Anyway, we had Asagao Sashimi. Yummy! $18

We like seaweed, so here's it is. $4

Sis wants to eat this, so we had Hotate Miso Mayo. Very very good if you like things a bit salty. I love it. $8

I saw this in the menu, and wanted to try it.
Beef in Miso, but you gotta cook it yourself. Gyu Miso Yaki $13

3 of us ate faster than we can cook the beef! haha..

Something Korean in a Jap place, (I think I have shown this before).
Tofu Kimchi Nabe $16.
We ordered this because the last time we took it, we loved it.

I like Kimchi and this soup, it's so addictive! Yes, I drank lots of soup!

We must be so hungry that we forgot to take the picture of Tempura Mori $10 that we ate!

It was worth it because we only paid $53.13 nett.
(after incl towels, the misc taxes etc....)

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The Cooking Ninja said...

wah, lucky you. I'm noting this down so that I can go check it out when I'm back in S'pore for holidays.

We just went for sushi on Saturday and paid about 55 euros (110 SGD)for a sushi meal that would have costs a lot less in S'pore. :( What to do. I need to satisfy my craving for jap food.

tigerfish said...

You can cook the kimchi nabe at home. Just buy kimchi, add into soup/broth with silken tofu and all other ingredients you like, then you get tofu kimchi nabe for $16!!!

Jun said...

now u make me crave jap food... when adelaide doesn't have reli nice jap restaurant... -__- btw is milo dinosaur only @ clementi rd?

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