Friday, August 03, 2007

Megabites @ NUS - a new eatery near the Science Canteen

Finally... Many staff and students have endued the inconvenience caused by the renovations beside the Science canteen. A new eatery called Megabites opened few days ago.

Colleagues and I (all very very kepo and hungry) decided we shall visit. We went early so the queue is not that long. It was already packed by the way.

Some of the things we ordered.

This is the combo meal that I had. Fish and Chicken Chop. Comes with mushroom soup and a drink from the self service machine. I had peach tea. This combination cost less than $5.

Then there's chicken chop only if you are not fickle minded like I am. This comes with mash instead of fries.

Another colleague decided to have cake. So this is the Black Forest Cake he ordered and all of us 'taxed'. LOL

There's a wide variety at this air-conditioned eatery. Pizzas and Sandwiches are also available.

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chillycraps said...

hmm i din know science canteen is under renovation.... (check email)

this megabites is the same as the tent at arts right? (a lot of ppl call it funeral) what I think is, its western portion quite big =)

Anonymous said...

Personally I think the science canteen is not very fantastic. Only the claypot rice stall is well known to be the better one there.

Anonymous said...

Chicken chop set looks better than Hans-type. Eat in uni canteen usually value-for-money.

PinkHippo said...

The combo set looks good. :)

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