Friday, August 10, 2007

House of Peranakan Cuisine @ Hotel Meritus Negara

It was suppose to be a curry fish head night, but guess what? They were sold out on that item! We were all surprised as we never encountered a sold-out on fish head curry before ;) Parents and i ordered other food instead.

First, you will be served the sambal balachan, which is not that spicy actually.

First dish was Nyonya Chap Chye

Then came Sambal Sotong

Pabi Pong Teh, which i remembered according to grandma, this was supposed to be cooked in pork belly. But many restaurants have modified and used lean meat nowadays for healthier reasons.

Lastly, to replace curry fish head, we had another fish. Cant remember the exact name, but it was supposed to be the next house specialty.

It was a rather delicious meal, just that i missed my curry fish head fix. Maybe next time....

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tigerfish said...

Fried pomfret with sambal in the end?
And there's fried mentos too! (the sotong!) LOL

Rasa Malaysia said...

I don't know but the picture of the sambal belacan doesn't look that authentic to's supposed to look darker because of the use of belacan. :P

pinkhippo said...

I like the last dish ... this kind of fish and this kind of chilli. :)

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