Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Kiwi & Tomato Karaage

Tonight I was rushing and did not have proper dinner. I only had 3 sotong balls bought from Old Chang Kee and 1 cup of soy milk from Mr Bean.

Came home hungry at 10pm. Dug what's in my fridge and I made this.

Chicken Karaage, chuck them in the oven toaster, depending on how many pieces you want. While it's cooking for around 5-7 minutes, cut into tiny cubes 2 tomatoes and 1 kiwi fruit. After that chop up the karaage into bite size pieces too. Then mix them up.

It taste good to me. haha... Very cold and chunky bites of tomatoes and sweet kiwi. Together with crispy and hot chicken karaage. Try it, only takes less than 10 mins to prepare.

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tigerfish said...

I have been ransacking my fridge and pantry lately. I find that a lot of those so-called "fusion" food can be made when you are "desperate" for food at home, and left with not many ingredients. Very creative.

Momo said...

KM, you should submit your creation to KFC :P
Its a refreshing change. Very nice.

eastcoastlife said...

I never thought of making such supper! My son is more creative. I prefer the usual method of cooking.

Ming_the_Merciless said...

You are good! If I came home at 10 PM and hungry, I will go out to one of the 24-hour diners in my neighborhood for supper or down a pint of Hargen Daaz ice-cream sitting in my freezer.

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