Saturday, August 25, 2007

Island Cafe @ Tangs Orchard

We have the Tangs Visa card and it gives rebates when you spend at the store. I had like $42 rebate in it, and it is like expiring anytime these two weeks, so had to use it up. Did not fancy anything in the store, but... hey, we can use it at the Cafe upstairs!

Sis and I walked in, hmmm what to eat? So we picked those with Chef Recommendation on the menu. How typical! haha... We were seated at a place that did not have enough light. Errr.. it's going to be dark grainy photos again. haha..

Anyway, this was what was dinner earlier on.

Asian Pork Salad. $11
It was deep fried roast pork on the side, quite a big portion. With Thai style salad.

Crab Tung Hoon. $13
Crab Meat Fried Tung Hoon, black pepper sauce and a deep fried soft shell crab on top. I like it, but not sure if you would :-)

Tom Yam Goong. $6
Aiya, my camera decide not to focus on this leh...
Seafood Tom Yam Soup, quite tasty actually. Not overly spicy. The two slices of buttered toasted bread with the soup is actually quite nice!

Polemo Salad. $11
With squid, prawns, lettuce, and pomelo in lemon dressing.
We thought it was too a tad too sour. The pomelo was a bit bitter, I think they did not remove the part of the vein thingy from the pomelo. Sis and I was comparing it to the ones we had in Bangkok. So we were biased. :-)

Damage incurred see for yourself.

We only pay $6.26 after rebate for dinner. :-)

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Ming_the_Merciless said...

Generally, I love deep fried soft shell crabs but I had a nasty, unclean one once. It was quite awful!

When I was a kid, my mom loved to shop at CK Tang. I remember it being an expensive place.

Momo said...

Oh ya! clever KM forgot could use the rebates there ;)
Dont eat the chicken rice there, if you go back, not that great lah. The crayfish laksa is very good, can also ask for low fat version :P

pinkhippo said...

A place that did not have enough light sounds romantic ... lol

The asian pork salad and crab tung hoon and the keropok in the polemo salad looks good. Heard that the crayfish laksa is good too...

Chubbypanda said...

The crab dish is where it's at. Love that crab.

eastcoastlife said...

No order for a slut? kekeke.....

tigerfish said...

The pomelo salad has "you" in it? LOL!

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