Monday, March 30, 2009

Aji-Tei @ Plaza Singapura

On Saturday, we had dinner at Aji-Tei at Plaza Singapura because sis had to go for a combined choir practice at a church nearby.

We are not sure why we ended up eating here, but we did! We are rushing for time. ;-)


I had the Teriyaki Set.

Teriyaki Chicken set

Not bad lah.

Teriyaji Chicken

The tofu that comes with the set meals.

Cold Tofu

Sis had the Japanese Chicken Curry with Omurice.

Chicken Curry with Omurice

Aunt had the set meal too. The tonkatsu set.


Our cousin surprised us by ordering the paper hotpot. She never liked it. Kids are growing and their taste seem to change all the time.

Sukiyaki Set

The soup is really really sweet. A bit too sweet for me. But it's tasty.

Sukiyaki - the Paper Pot

The beef. I think she likes to 'play with food' that's why she ordered it.

Sukiyaki - the beef

Place is not bad for a quick dinner. You get 10% too if you pay using an UOB credit card.
Pricing is moderate.

68 Orchard Road
#02-01 Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839

Tel: 6341 9045

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Life for Beginners said...

I like that playing with food bit... we should all indulge in that sometimes, yes? :)

Unknown said...

But we were brought up being told, don't play with your food!

Looks like kids nowadays are different.

What kind of food do you play with? hehe..

Camemberu said...

haha true...steamboat, BBQ and okonomiyaki is all playfood! :D

Fen said...

Wat a coincidence... I was at Ajitei last Sunday... haven't sort out the pictures... the table was a tad small so can't compo at all....

Meg said...

I want to eat good tofu... Your and other food-obsessed Singaporean food blogs are cruel and delicious torture first thing in the morning... The last three pics in particular in today's lot.


Unknown said...

Camemberu: Playfood taste good ya!

Fen: Ya, the table was very very small. I just take what's in front of me without moving anything :-)

Meg: I thought you will be eating these stuff daily? You're Japanese right? Can you make your own tofu?

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