Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yoshimaru Ramen Bar @ Holland Village

Colleagues and I ate this nearly two weeks ago, ie 17 March 09. No time to post it up because the next day I was off to Los Angeles.

If you are wondering which shop made way for this new ramen bar, Yi Bao who used to occupy two shoplots is now only occupying one lot now. The remaining is now Yoshimaru Ramen Bar.

Yoshimaru Ramen Bar

There was 5 of us having lunch. 2 of us had the Traditional Hakata Ramen. $11

Traditional Hakata Ramen

The other 3 colleagues can't decide what they wanted to add in decided to have the 'everything in the bowl', Moridakusan Ramen. (I think it was $14 plus)

Moridakusan Ramen (All-in)

How was it? 2 of us who like pork bone ramen soup found it quite good. The noodles were done just nice. The soup's thick but not overly thick.

1 other had no opinion, but 2 other think it's way too salty. They also said the pork's a bit strong in smell, and wonder if it's the Australian porky that smells so strong. Difficult to please right?

But we all agreed that if you like garlic, you should sprinkle this garlic sprinkle over it. It taste even better!


They were having a trial opening special of 25% off. Not sure if the 25% is still on. The prices mentioned above are before the 25% discount.

25% off!

Yoshimaru Ramen Bar
31 Lorong Liput Holland Village
Singapore 277742
Tel: 64633132
Fax: 64664522

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HisFoodBlog said...

Walk past it yesterday, looks interesting. The egg looks pretty decent.

But I wonder why Jumbo Seafood took a plunge into the ramen arena.

Keropok Man said...

Maybe they want to diversify? There's so many new ramen places everywhere!

Ya, the egg that day was nice :-)

dolphinxy said...

tried this last weekend. they have an outlet at playground @ east coast too. rich soup base, perfect for the tastebud! (:

Keropok Man said...


Glad u like it. Good to hear that their standards are still maintained! :-)

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