Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Swensen @ Suntec City

This whole week around 20 over colleagues from various departments at my workplace are all attending a course at 'Oracle University' at Suntec City. If you have attended courses by them, you know that part of the course is a buffet lunch on the first day.

But due to the buffet place being not halal certified, the person who organised the course asked for it to be changed to somewhere halal. So, we were brought to Swensen's. (If you attended the courses few years ago, the place they bring you to is the buffet at Pan Pacific, but with austerity measures and cheaper course fees....... 'nuf said..)

We were told, order anything as long as it's around $20. You can imagine, everyone was flipping the menu trying to maximise their quota of $20. We were like, what to order to get the most out of it? Then someone even asked, must we include GST and service charge? haha.... We know they are just joking. No matter what we order, they will foot the bill.

We were seated on a long table. Most people don't know I document my daily meals, so I only took a few photo of lunch eaten by me and people sitting beside me.

The Mega Burger.

Mega Burger

I had the Half BBQ Chicken. There's mash potato behind it. It tasted quite ok. Can't really go wrong with chicken.

BBQ Half Chicken

Another colleague had the Spaghetti Aglio Olio.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio

What most of us did was to order something around $15 and order two scoops of ice cream to make it $20. LOL..

So here's some of the ice cream shots. I had Sticky Chewy Chocolate (behind) and Peanut Butter something. Nice...

Swensens Ice Cream

I have no idea what these other flavours are, but they all tasted very nice. We were sharing the ice cream around ;-)

Swensens Ice Cream

Swensens Ice Cream

Swensens Ice Cream

Think most of us associate Swensen's with Ice Cream. Think their ice cream is better than their food. Main thing to order here is ice cream.

(Psst, after our lunch that day, we have been walking past and realise that there's a one for one lunch deal, we were wondering... hey.... does that mean our lunch just cost $10? haha.... we should have ordered more!)

Suntec City
3 Temasek Boulevard
Singapore 038983

Tel: 6339 5139
Other locations details available at their website:

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red fir said...

Your ice cream combi is the best! Sticky chewy choc & peanut butter. I like the mint choc chip too & surprisingly *horrors* the artificial strawberry lol.

Unknown said...

Peanut butter ice cream is nice right? ;-)

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