Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hanis Cafe and Bakery @ National Library of Singapore

The first time I saw this many years ago, I thought it was the Arrival / Departure board at the airport. Looking at it carefully, it's a menu.

This place was Han's. Now it's Hanis. I found out that Hanis is the halal subsidiary of Han's.

Hanis Cafe and Bakery

Sis, Momo and I ate here few weeks ago because we were at the Drama Centre to catch a show - Sleepless Town. (by the way the season's over, so if you miss it, errr.. too bad lah... it was good.)

We thought of eating elsewhere, but did not want to risk being late. So we just ate at the library itself.

Sis and Momo had the sets that came with a drink, garlic bread, fruit and soup.

Garlic Bread

The soup was not too bad.

Tomato Soup

Sis had the Linguine Alfredo with Ham. $11.80


I had the burger - Chicken Superburger + Egg. $10.80
They ran out of the usual burger bun, so had the focaccia bun. (with a top out of 60 cents)
Sis and Momo thinks my order was the best. LOL.

The patty is quite herby and it reminds sis of one diet that she had before. LOL...

Mega Burger

Momo had the chicken chop. $10.80

Chicken Chop

Sis was a little hungry after her pasta, so she ordered a chocolate truffle cake. $3.80
The cake's nice.

Chocolate Cake

I just realised, I only eat here when am here for a show at the Drama Centre. :-)

100 Victoria Street
Tel: 63330377
Mon - Sat: 8am - 10pm
Sun & PH: 8am - 10pm

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teckiee said...

There's a couple of reasons why I like Singapore. Apart from the Japanese food and shopping, the library! Even the community libraries are so filled with new books. I cant imagine what the national library would be like. ...and I think your order looks the best to haha

Anonymous said...

Seems like pasta is served in many walk-in eateries n not specifically reserved for the italian restaurants like it used to be. Could be a good thing for diners to hv the access anywhere they go !

Pasta is also widely served at home here instead of boiled potatoes. It certainly saves people the time consuming job of peeling them everyday !

My last yummy dessert cake was at Secret Recipes for a chocolate banana cake - super duper lah ! Was surprised that the combination worked so well :-)

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