Friday, March 20, 2009

Toast Box @ Terminal 3 Changi Airport

Momo and I are right now in Los Angeles, California. I am attending an Academic Conference while Momo is here for an outlet shopping trip.

Times are bad, so she's not buying overpriced clothes in Singapore. Do you know that Ralph Lauren tops at Outlet Stores price range is about the same price range as the Giordano Ladies in Singapore?

Wait, you might say what about the air tickets? Mine's paid by the company because it's a conference I am attending. (it's work ok. I had to submit a list of talks related to work and it's arranged 8 to 5!) Momo previously had to travel quite a bit, so she has enough frequent flyer points to fly this trip for free. (Krisflyer's having discounted points to encourage people to fly by the way)

This was Wedneday morning at Terminal 3. Toast Box at the Departure floor.

Toast Box at Changi Airport Terminal 3 Departure

It seems that this might be the more popular kiosk around. The food's nice and the pricing is 'correct' too. The Teh Si here cost $1.50, while the coffee chain that originates from the country we are heading to, cost $3-$4.

Glass Display

Momo had a Boluo Yao ($1.40) for breakfast. She said it taste rather nice.

Boluo Yao

I had this banana cake ($1.50). It was nice too.
But I think the one my mum makes is nicer. :-)

Banana Cake

Teh Si ($1.50) that Momo had. She's kind of a tea / coffee addict. She and her colleague buy this almost every day and this tea lady in this kiosk makes really good tea. The other better one is at Suntec City she says.

Teh Si

I had my usual. Ice Milo. ($1.80).
This version is 'gao' enough and not overly sweet. I like it.

The other branch that I used to buy it but stopped is the one at Plaza Singapura. The Ice Milo there has gone way too diluted. (Anyone out there agrees with me?)

Ice Milo

Glad this kiosk in the airport does things right. By the way, (we already threw away the receipt), is GST charged for restaurants operating inside here?

Toast Box
Departure Hall after Immigration Clearance
Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3

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Anonymous said...

Wonder when will economy gets better. I miss splurging on clothes

Camemberu said...

Wow Momo is so lucky! Free trip to US to go SHOPPING!!! Can tumpang buy some Ralph Lauren also or not? So cheap! :P

Anonymous said...

"Momo and I are right now in Los Angeles, California. I am attending an Academic Conference while Momo is here for an outlet shopping trip."

That is so plain funny. Heehee.

Hakka House said...

How long are you in LA for? Need someone to recommend places to eat?

Unknown said...

Iris: Long time more I think. Splurging on cheaper clothes lah...

Camemberu: Can Can. but we are back liao... Next time :-)

LFB: Outlet shopping is tiring too.

Hakka House: 10 days. Ate and came back :-) But can still recommend. Others will like to know.

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