Monday, March 09, 2009

Khansama Tandoori Village @ Science Park I

Every now and then, the few of us in the office will crave for some nice Indian food. If you work in the west side of Singapore, you most probably have been given a flyer by this restaurant called Khansama. They will have someone at the train station giving out flyers, they slip their flyers on the car windscreens. They have people standing at traffic lights giving out flyers. In short, you can't miss them. LOL..

Maybe their boss believes it's an effective method. Maybe it is after all. When we want to have some decent Indian cuisine, we think of them. So, the few of us took the free Science Park shuttle bus to Science Park I.

So this was what we ate to satisfy our cravings. Their tandoori chicken. Unlike other places where their tandoori chicken's always dry, theirs is always moist. One of the better ones that we like.

The delicious Tandoori

Dpuk and 'Old Cat' both had their Chicken Tikka sets. 'Old Cat' was too tempted by what's written on the menu, all the different ways of preparing chicken all on a plate. It looks good right? Enough food to stuff them silly.

Chicken Tikka Set

A bit of close up ya. They look really tempting right?

Chicken Tikka Set

All of all different ways of preparation, both of them said this 'dark green' style is the nicest of them all.

Chicken Tikka Set

I had the Chicken Briyani instead. It comes in a steeel bowl and two bowls of sauces.

Nasi Briyani Set

Nice and crispy. Dip it with the youghurt sauce and it's delicious.

Papadam - a kind of keropok

There's around 4 chunks of chicken hidden inside this bowl of fragrant rice.

The Chicken hidden inside the Briyani

Another colleague 'pirate' had I think the butter chicken set meal.
His came with the super sweet dessert 'ping pong' ball. haha...

Butter Chicken Set

Satisfied our cravings for a while. :-)

Khansama Tandoori Village
87 Science Park Drive
02-01 The Science Hub
Singapore 118260

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backStreetGluttons said...

Indian food guarantees you to become bloated after 3 hours. If fresh the meats are close to perfection ( tho many Indian/mamak food here in Malaysia we believe not so , as we think they tend to recycle the mornings one or even the yesterdays one knowing you won't see a thing in all the curries and the kurma and the dhall

Anonymous said...

That's no ping pong, that's Gulab Jamun, a fried ball of dough soaked and bathing in rose syrup. Mmmmm.

Noodlegirl said...

oh look so good

Life for Beginners said...

I even had some of those super-sweet "pingpong balls" in an Indian restaurant in Hanoi.. deadly, I tell you! :)

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