Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Soup Restaurant @ Changi Airport Terminal 2

Our brother has been away for around two weeks now. He has gone back to London to work again after working here in Singapore for slightly over 1 year. Everyday we look at his empty bedroom and we think of him.

This was the farewell dinner we had with him. Eating the things that he might miss. I wonder if he has already miss the food. Maybe not... Most probably only his family. LOL...

The dinner was at Soup Restaurant at Terminal 2.

Soup Restaurant

We had the large Samsui Ginger Chicken. $26.80
Large because our little cousin loves this chicken and also the rest of us. :-)

Samsui Chicken

The medium "Ah Por Fan Su Leaves" $12, sweet potato leaves. Now I think bro won't be able to get this in London right?

"Fan Su Ye"

The boiled soup of the day. It was pork rib soup. $14.80 We have always liked their soup here.
I put the rib there to remind me it was pork rib soup. :-) They usually serve the soup only in the bowl.

Soup of the day

This is the large Hometown Tofu. $17 You know steam fish taste? The sauce over the tofu taste exactly like it.

Fried Tofu

The Hometown Fried Fish Belly dish that's quite nice. $19

Hometown Fries Fish Belly

This is mushroom with broccoli and beancurd skin. $17.50 Nice combi.

Mushroom with Broccoli and Beancurd Skin

The medium Black Pepper Venison. $17.50

Black Pepper Venison

Beggar's Rib. $17.50 We remember this dish to be nicer.
(I wonder if they did not marinate this dish long enough this time.)

Beggars Ribs

If our brother's reading this. We kinda miss you, though we won't tell you this face to face. LOL...

Soup Restaurant
3rd Floor, #036-086
Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2,
Airport Boulevard,
Singapore 918141

Tel: 6545 6866
Hours: Lunch: 11.30 – 2.30 Dinner: 5.30 – 10.00 / Sat, Sun, PH : 11.30 - 10.00

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Leo said...

I kinda miss you all too!

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