Thursday, March 05, 2009

Cookbook that raised $2.68 million for charity

My sis brought home a book yesterday that she bought for charity. It's a cookbook that I just found out managed to raised $2.68 million for the residents of Boon Lay.

Most of the recipes are from the residents of Boon Lay. There's also a recipe from Puan Noor Aishah, widow of Singapore's first president Encik Yusof Ishak. Also in it a recipe of 'Bangladeshi mutton curry', a Bangladeshi shipyard worker who lives in this area.

Boon Lay... Blending with Food

When I was flipping the pages, I thought the history of Boon Lay's rather interesting. I did not know that Boon Lay was named after Mr Chew Boon Lay.

Boon Lay is named after Chew Boon Lay

Someone mentioned Kueh Dadar in the comments section of yesterday's post. So here's part of the recipe.

Kueh Dadar, one of the many recipes inside this cookbook

To get the full recipe, get a copy of this cookbook from Boon Lay Community Centre.
Soft cover version at $25 and Hard cover version at $50.

Sis got it from her student's mother who is helping to sell the books.
My aunt say the book and said that's the book that appeared in the newspaper.

Read about it at the or

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Noodlegirl said...

Oh how interesting if I was in sinapore I would get one too! I love cook books! Oh by the way I have not tried the mee siam recipe yet I have to head to the asian supermarket to see if they even have the stuff!

Unknown said...

The recipes look easy enough to try!

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