Friday, March 06, 2009

Ju Bao @ Friends Home

Last week, Momo and I was invited to a friend's home for dinner. But we all know she does not cook. Hmmm....

For dinner, she even asked her neighbour to call the popular eatery that's not too far from her place called Ju Bao Hong Kong Cuisine. On our way to her house, we are to pick up the take-away she (or rather her neighbour who spoke cantonese) ordered through the phone. She prepared a very well done pot of rice though. Good thing she's good in cooking rice. LOL

Food that was ordered are those that will still taste good after being picked up. So here's what we had:

Pork Rib King. It's not too bad.

King Pork Ribs

Stir Fried Beef.

Stir Fried Beef

Roast Chicken.
It was too difficult to pour out the chicken from the containers, so it's a bit messy here ;-)

Roast Chicken

The 3 Egg and Vegetable Soup.

3 Egg and Vegetable Sosup

With nice warm rice and great fellowship, it was an enjoyable dinner.

I was the only guy with the few ladies there. Oh man.. The gossips that the ladies were yakking away, it was so interesting, the things the ladies talk about.... (I was bring transparent, I was sitting in a corner with my notebook and good thing I have mobile broadband. )

After dinner it was the Chocolate Fondue session. I heard that the ladies originally wanted to have a fondue session. The dinner was only added in later.

I was invited because I had a nice complete fondue set at home, and they needed it. LOL....

Hint: If you are making your own chocolate fondue at home, get good dark chocolate and a Mars Bar to add in!

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Anonymous said...

Can I borrow your fondue set, Keropokman? ^_^

Camemberu said...

You sound like you were shocked by the gossip! :D

Ju Bao...the chef is from Lei Garden one! Nice or not? If it wasn't so far away, I might go...

Hoegarden said...

harlow... Ju Bao~~~ Can I have more information..? with regards to the address, location etc.. the food look nice and i wish to try...

Unknown said...

Lyrical Lemongrass

Sure, with the condiments sauces too. ;-)

Yes, the way women remembers what other women wear even 3-4 weeks ago!!!

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