Monday, March 16, 2009

Ajisen Desserts @ IMM

Though the menu for their usual meals have changed a bit, as mentioned recent post, their desserts menu is still about the same.

We like to have some desserts here after meals. A little sweet things to sweeten up the day or night. ;-)

Green Tea Sundae with some of the chewy colourful rice cakes, red bean paste and fruits. Everyone loves this. Oh, those little brown balls are not choc chips, it's sour!! Tiny sour plums.

Green Tea Sundae

This green tea (i think it's mochi / rice cakes) are quite bitterly delicious. It's green tea powder over it.

Green Tea Chewy

If bitter green tea powder's not your type of dessert, this Mango and Red Bean 'ice kacang' should please you. We only wish there was even more mangoes. LOL...

Mango and Red Bean dessert

Ajisen @ IMM
2 Jurong East St 1
Singapore 609601

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Anonymous said...

Ur sour plum experience here reminds me of the chewy sweets with all kinds of sweet flavours but one bite into it will make u spit it out bec it's very sour ! The dutch r also fond of savoury licorice - another item I vow never to touch no matter how colourful or fragrant they r !

Hime said...

I'm a student currently at NUS doing a research paper on food tourism and food blogging. Would you mind if I sent a short questionnaire to your gmail account (as seen in the blogger profile)?
Thanks very much in advance!

Hope said...

I can't choose between them :-)

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