Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Happy Birthday Alvin and Anthea

A group of around 19 of us met up with each other to celebrate two of our friend's birthday. We ate dinner at China Square and then had a cake for them.

Alvin and Anthea's Birthday Cake

Happy 21st Birthday Anthea. ;-)

The leftover...

Happy 21st birthday too Alvin.

Chocolate Truffle Cake from Royal Cakes

Yes, all our friends are always 21. We shall not reveal their real age.
The cake is Chocolate Truffle Cake from Royal Cakes.

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Noodlegirl said...

so yummyyy looking

Fen said...

Looks sinfully rich...

Always sweet to have good old friends celebrating birthday for each other...

Hope Alvin and Anthea have enjoyed their birthday celebration :D

red fir said...

Looks like a good chocolate mousse! Now I want to eat chocolate again. :)

Unknown said...

Yes it yummy yummy. :-)

Ya, we always find excuses to celebrate things, it makes everyone happy and we get to eat! hehe...

anything chocolate is nice right? hehe..

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