Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Li Xiang Curry @ Dover Food Centre

Colleagues and I had lunch at Dover Market and Food Centre today. It has been a long long time since I ate food from this stall.

We realised that they have moved. They were previously at the 'main section' of the food centre. (the section further away from the market), they have moved to the food section that is right next to the market section.

Out of curiosity, we asked why they moved. The lady boss said, the person whom they leased the stall previously wanted the stall back. But the stall they are now occupying was vacant and they could get it directly from NEA.

No, the lady is not scolding me. haha.. She is asking if it's only one bowl of rice I wanted.

Li Xiang Curry at Dover Market and Food Centre

Another colleague is sharing, that's why we could order 3 different kinds of curry.
This is the vegetable curry.

Vegetable Curry

The pork rib curry.

This photo has the pork that is submerged under the curry 'lifted and stacked up'. So it might look it is a lot, but it is not.

Pork Curry

The fish curry. For the fish curry, you got to wait a while for them to prepare, the rest were almost instant.

Fish Curry

The curries all have their own distinct flavour and it's always enjoyable to have their curry. They are one of the more popular stalls at the food centre. If we had another person sharing, we could have ordred the chicken curry as well!

Comparing the curry sauces, we like the sauce from the fish the most, then vegetable, then pork.
Everything above with 2 plates of rice, $9.50

Li Xiang Curry Fish
Dover Market and Food Centre
Stall 01-89
33 Dover Road
Singapore 130033

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Ben Nakagawa said...

Yum, Pork one please.

Well, I can not believe you ate all those three at one time. They must be good.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, this one is one of the best i ever tasted.. Try the mutton one~ Shiok~

Unknown said...

hehe... Two persons sharing it is possible. It is not really a lot you know...

I seldom take mutton. I used to like the pork one, now I prefer the fish :-)

Dutchie said...

Curries, curries, curries ... beam some over can ? U hv the technology ... erhm .. I'm quoting some byline of Knight Rider ??

The good thing abt curries is that u can eat them with rice, beehoon or mee ! I do those rotation when I hv cooked up a big pot of sayur lodeh or chicken curry.

Unknown said...

You forgot that curries go very well with bread too!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where they move to?

Unknown said...

oh, has it moved away?

kath said...

there's that vegetable curry again! Im salivating.....

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