Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ah Poh BBQ Seafood @ Bukit Timah Food Centre

2 friends came over our place last Saturday. We had gelato, onions rings and chicken nuggets that they brought over. It was an afternoon of Wii for 2 of them and sis.

After 'exercising', it was dinner time. We went over to Bukit Timah Food Centre for dinner. Everyone ordered and ate different things. But there are some things that we shared.

We were sitting in front of this stall, and was tempted by the Stingray that everyone seems to be ordering.

Ah Poh BBQ Seafood

The stingray's quite nice. The sambal on it makes it quite delicious. (It's also quite oily haha...)


We also had Satay from another stall few doors/stalls away.


Ah Poh BBQ Seafood
Bukit Timah Food Centre
116 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 588172

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Dutchie said...

*drools* ... wish we hv the convenience here to just eat out when my mind is a total blank after a long labouring day ! No such luck tho, so it would hv to be a salami sandwich to calm a very rambling tummy :-o

Yan said...

Love the food pictures here,not tempted to try though :) I am pretty disciplined when coming to food intake. A beautiful food picture especially through your lens is a joy forever!

Thank you so much for your daily pictures, both here and in your other blog!

What camera are you using, if I may ask.

Unknown said...

salami sandwich is not bad too. I have not had salami for a very very very long time!

Haha.. Viewing photos has zero calories intake, unlike eating it right?

The camera I am using is a Sony T200.

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