Saturday, April 04, 2009

Che Saigon @ PGP Residences Food court

Yesterday, colleagues and I went to PGP Residences food court for lunch. The last time we came here was probably in 2008. We noticed that many of the food stalls have changed.

Lunch was so so, but we thought that this dessert stall was a mini highlight of the lunch. It sells only desserts.

Che Saigon

Our colleague, "Mrs Jiao Sou Fu Ren" ate very little and we asked her if she is on a diet? She said no... She is having a small lunch because the desserts stall has caught her eye.

So while we were finishing up lunch, she came back with things to let us try. Yam and Sago. $1.20 We tasted it and though hey, it's not bad.

Sago and Yam

But what got us interested was the other dessert that she was having. It was called Vietnamese Ice Kachang. $1.80

You know the 'three colour' or 'four colour' dessert (not sure of the name, but in Melbourne previously, I remember we order it by calling it 3 or 4 colour), it is usually very fakingly bright and colourful. But this 'natural colouring' dessert looked kinda pale.

We noticed Mrs JSFR was enjoying her drink/dessert and we asked her if she thinks the rest of us will like it. She said "Yes!". So off I went to queue up and bought 3 more cups of it.

Vietnamese Ice Kachang

The cup is actually quite big and it is quite filling! The lady put in about 5 or 6 tablespoons of red beans in it, top it up with corn custard and then chendol. After that she added a layer of ice and then covered it with coconut milk.

After stirring it, we enjoyed it. We realised why we liked it. The coconut milk is not plain old coconut milk. She scooped it from another dessert that she's selling. It was a banana dessert that has coconut milk sauce on it. Ah...

Vietnamese Ice Kachang

We were so so full. Maybe the next time we are here, we shall have a mini portion of lunch and enjoy the desserts. (and maybe try other things that she sells)

OMO [One (wo)Man Operation] so it might be a bit slow. Patience needed. :-)

Che Saigon
PGP Residences Air Conditioned Food Court
National University of Singapore.

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Meg said...

Sago.... yum yum yum yum yum.....

Dutchie said...

Oh yes, those dessert stalls ! Especially if they r serving bo-bo-cha-cha - the aroma is just so magnetizing - haha. My hubby is very fond of chng tng while I tend to go for something more substantial like tau suan (with yu-char-kueh), aw-be-beh (with a thick layer of coconut cream)... actually, I just want to hv one of everything - haha ..

My absolute treat is the durian chendol .. n yes hubby would go for the (light) sour sop (with lime on the side). He finds the red beans in the dessert a strange combi - I hv not succeeded in getting him to take a spoonful of it as yet.

Btw, there is a thai dessert stall in thomson plaza where they serve a yummy coconut drink for S$ 3,00 a glass. It's pricey but we r kinda addicted to it.

Unknown said...


Sago is nice ya.... yum yum yum....

You sure love your desserts! I love cheng tng too, especially the ones that are ice cold. It's so so refreshing!

Unknown said...


So when are you coming to Singapore to have more desserts? hehe...

Gloria said...

The middle layer is usually mungbean paste and that's what it looks like, not corn custard. Unless the stall lady told you that she used corn custard, otherwise, I'm pretty sure it's mungbean paste.

Unknown said...


Oh... maybe it is mungbean paste. but it tased so like custard. :-)

it was nice though..

Jope said...

can members of the public enter PFP ? can drive in ?
Thank you

Unknown said...


Yes, but not sure if they are still there. It has been a long time since I visit that place!

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