Thursday, April 30, 2009

Zhou's Kitchen @ Square 2 (Part II)

Part II of the High tea buffet.

When you sit down, you get this basket of delicious keropok!
Keropokman LOVES these keropok! They go so so well with the thai style chilli sauce. yum! ;-)


The drunken chicken.
It was nice, but if it was colder it would be even nicer.

Drunken Chicken

Beef slices. Can't really remember the name of this dish.

Beef Slices

Steam Pork Ribs.

Steamed Pork Ribs

Phoenix Claws.
I realise without my colleagues who are mad about these eating with me, it's not as enjoyable eating the claws. haha...

Phoenix Claws

The kids on the table loves this. Fried Fish Skin.

Fried Fish Skin

This sliced pork with garlic is very delicious. I think I ate quite a lot of this!
It goes well with porridge too!

Garlic Pork

This is pork slices with jelly fish.

Jelly Fish and White Pork

Dough Fritteres with Mayo.

Dough Fritters with Mayo

Century Egg porridge with lean pork.

Century Egggs and Lean Pork Porridge

If you want more century egg, you can order this.

Century Eggs

BBQ Pork Bun. I kinda like this because I ate a few of it! LOL...

Char Siu Buns

Deep fried chicken that looks small and dry. But somehow it was quite appetizing and I ate quite a bit of it.

Fried Chicken Bits

Nice place to pig out without costing too much.
You got to make a reservation. The place is very very packed with people.

Zhou's Kitchen
Square 2
10 Sinaran Drive
Singapore 307506

Tel: 6893 1123
Fax: 6397 6474

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Danning said...

Dear Keropok,
I think it's time for me to post a comment as I read yr blog daily:) I really enjoy your pictures...they are over-delicious and simply amazing...reading your blog everyday makes me want to visit Singapore straightaway:D
Please keep doing so and I'll continue to be your faithful reader xD

Danning from Holland

Anonymous said...

a new reader here. I love your pictures, they are Very Well-Taken. very very clear & big! Just compare with other Food Bloggers, your pictures are very tokong! They're not taken by digi-cam, are they? Don't tell me u lug a DSLR everywhere with u. Digilife just started an 8-part article on how to take better pictures with digicam. Thank goodness for people like me.

On a side note, is it alright if u put down the prices of the dishes u feature in this blog in future?

Miso said...

After reading your posts, think I will be heading to this restaurant soon :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comment! and thanks for your daily visit ;-)

They are taken with a digital camera. ;-)
Too heavy and tedious to lug a DSLR everywhere lah...

If I remember the prices I will put them down. But sometimes they are paid for first by colleagues or friends, so I am not sure of the prices.

Ya, the deal's not bad eh.

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