Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dinner at Aunt's

It has been some time since I posted any photos of food prepared by our Aunt. We eat at her place once almost every week. (Sis and I feel so so so blessed.)

So, here are some photos of the dinner dinner we had last week.

Soy sauce braised chicken. It's the kampung chicken so it has less fats. Yummy! I like the thick braised sauce.

Braised Chicken

Since aunt's braising stuff, she put in extra chicken wings in to braised as well.
Like many people who cook, it's easier to cook more, and then have it for lunch the next day if there are leftovers. Braised food usually taste nicer the next day right?

Soy sauced Braised Chicken Wings

This is bittergourd with eggs. Can you spot what other ingredients are in there?
We all seem to like eating bitter gourd. A family gene thingy? hmmmm

Some say we are sweet people, so we need to balance up with bittergourd or the people around us might get diabetes. LOL

Bitter gourd with eggs

Steamed Mullet with Fermented Black beans.

Aunt said it's the first time she bought this fish. The fish monger says you must try it, very soft and tender. It's very cheap too, so aunt bought it and try. Not bad. Except don't eat the flesh near the gills, there's a hint of 'muddy taste' if you are sensitive to freshwater fish.

This fish seems to be talking to you right? Have pity on me, don't eat me!
We took pity of it and then immediately finished it off. LOL...

Steamed Mullet with Fermented Beans

Rayfish with Sambal Assam.
We were quite full from the above and most of us touched a bit only. It's to be the next day's lunch. :-)

Sambal Ray Fish

Have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

The fish is GREY MULLET, and the fatty bits near the stomach is the "highlight" if you don't mind it slightly muddy

Dutchie said...

Ohh ... soy chicken is our favourite as well. I hv started trying out different combinations of sambal to go with it. Hubby says that the pounded red chillies with grated ginger n a few drops of sesame oil has a very refined oriental taste. Add a sprinkle of sugar/salt/vinegar n u hv a full body sauce :-)

I hv never eaten bitter gourd. Is it really bitter ? What is the aroma like ?

I cant cooked fish here bec hubby is nauseous abt anything from the sea :-( I get my fix when I'm back in SG ! Steamed pomfret with shredded chillies, ginger, fermented beans n a little hwa tiao chew is sooo great ! My mom prep it at least once a week - yummilicious lah !

Life for Beginners said...

There really is nothing I like better than bittergourd with eggs -- so homey and comforting at the end of a long, tiring day. :)

Beary said...

i love your Aunt! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the info. Ah.. so that's the highlight. We thought it was a bit muddy and it was the first time we tried this fish. The fish's nice though.

Bitter gourd is not really bitter most of the time. But some are really bitter. But it's nice. I dun know how to describe it, try it the next time you have a chance.

Pomfret is high in cholesterol. hehe...

Yes, so simple yet so satisfying ya...

We too! :-)

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