Friday, April 24, 2009

Chiharu Sake Bar and Seasonal Specialties @ Bukit Timah Road

Last Saturday, Camemberu, BlackTieWhiteLie(Nic), XiuLongBao, Momo and I met up for the long awaited lunch meet that we wanted to have. There are others who was suppose to come but can't make it due to prior engagements.

We went to Chiharu Sake Bar because we got tempted by Camemberu who posted the menu link to us. By looking at the menu, I was already salivating. LOL...

It's a weekend chef treat Omakase. S$48++ per person on weekends and public holidays.

Chiharu Sake Bar and Seasonal Specialties

We have not had a more satisfying Japanese lunch for a long time. The last time Momo and I had a really satisfying Japanese meal was at Inagiku too long ago. ;-)

So, what did the chef prepare for us? This is the Sashimi that was prepared. Everything was so nice. I can just eat this 4 or 5 times over, but this is a one serving item. LOL...

Sashimi of the Day

The sushi that was prepared for us by the chef. Oh, so so good. The 5 of us came here, sat down, Nic and Camemberu armed with their dSLR, we were prepared for a long slow meal. So, the two experts were slowly taking their photos, the other 3 of us were slowly enjoying our meal.

Sushi of the Day

I realised I have over 40 photos of the food that I took! How am I going to post it all here? I shall put in some of it in mini photos, if you want to see the usual big photos, click on them. ;-)

We were really enjoying the food. The chef and servers in the restaurants were suddenly curious why are these people taking photos, who are they? They were nice people though, very accomodating when we asked for the light right above us to be turned on, so we can have clearer photos. LOL..

Here are some of the cold dishes.

A few of us could not get used to the sticky grated mountain yam paste (right bottom) that was with the cube tuna. I think like Naato, it's acquired taste.

Horenso Goma-AeWakame Kyuri-SuHiyaya-KoMaguro Yamakake

These are some of the of my favourites in the cold dishes section.
The Chiharu Karupacho - Thinly sliced raw fish salad.

Chiharu Karupacho

Kamo Roast Yaki - roasted duck breast. It's very very thinly sliced. :-)

Kamo Roast Yaki

I like this Hiyashi Tomato (chilled tomato) a lot too!

Hiyashi Tomato

Now to the Grilled Dishes....

Momo seem to be missing this Tori Tsukune (Grilled Chicken Meat Ball) the next few days. She has been msn-ing me about it. LOL... Ya, it's not dry, but very juicy and tasty.

Tori Tsukune

Here are some of the other dishes in the grilled section.
Can you imagine that the 5 of us ate so much? I guess when you are with fellow friends who love food, it keeps you going!

I guess it was not only the food, but also the conversations we had at the table.

Satsuma-Age YakiShitake KushiyakiTebazaki ShioyakiAtsuage Yaki Shake ShioyakiJagaimo Bacon Maki

Oh, there are so many more photos, I shall continue in the next day's post.

Chiharu Sake Bar and Seasonal Specialties
779 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 269758
Tel: 6769.1929

Lunch: Monday to Sunday,12pm to 2.30pm
Dinner: Monday to Sunday, 6.30pm to 10.30pm

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Camemberu said...

The mini photos are cute!!! Yum yum, I almost feel like going again...

HairyBerry said...

omigosh! you broke it down to 2 parts! ok, excellent sashimi checked. excellent sushi checked. ahhhh, i know what's missing. something gyu-ish. gonna go read yr part 2 now! ;D

Anonymous said...

Hi, what software do you use for those awesome combo shots? Photoshop? They look great! Keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

Camemberu, Nic,
Ya ya, a few weeks since we ate it, and still thinking about it. (especially when I pass it. hehe)

Those small shots are the the smallest size of the same photo done by Flickr. I just pasted the code over. It somehow came out like this. :-)

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