Thursday, April 02, 2009

Thai Express @ Holland Village

One of our colleague got her 'Orange Card' from Thai Express and proudly proclaimed: "let's go there to have lunch". So, off we went to Thai Express at Holland Village.

Thai Express

We ordered a few things to share. 3 starters to start our appetite going...
The prawn toast. We always liked it though it's a little oily. :-)

Prawn Toast

This is a free dish. (I think, courtesy of colleague's Orange Card.) Pineapple Salad that's quite refreshing. You see more cucumber and tomatoes than pineapple right? Haha..

Pineapple Salad

This is something I have not tried. Fried Calamari with salted eggs sauce.
The combination's not bad at all. "Old Cat" obviously love it a lot, that he's picking up all the salted eggs. :-)

Calamari with Salted Egg

One 'O card' colleague had the Green Curry Vegetable with rice. This is all vegetables and no meat in it.

Green Curry Vegetables

"Old Cat" decided to have tomyam noodles to give him a 'shock' in his head. When his dish came, he said: "Oh so mild." But... don't be deceived. It's quite potent!

Tom Yam Noodle Soup

Dpuk and I, we knew that this was the potent dish. (Yellow Ginger Chicken) But still, we wanted to be suicidal. We ordered it and as usual, the person taking our order warned us that it's super spicy. We said yes, bring it on!

The last time we tried it, dpuk 'tak ada rasa' (did not feel the spiciness) about it. But this time, you could see that the nerves of his tongue functioning normally. Our tongue's crying for help!

(You all should try this if you think you can take very spicy food. haha...)

Yellow Ginger Chicken

Oh, when we ordered, we asked that by using the coupons that has given us discount (and also a free starter), if we pay using a DBS card, do we still get the free dessert? They said yes! So we got this tapioca dessert FOC.

(One thing about Thai Express we realised is that they are not so 'ngiau' like some places. They seem to be genuine with their offers. I hope this don't stop.)

Tapioca Dessert

Oh, it's Ms Orange Card's birthday month, so she got a bottle of wine to bring home too. Not bad eh.. She treated us this time. She said to give her a big meal on the real birthday date.

(We jokingly asked her, is this her month long Royal Princess celebration? It's only the start of the month, and her birthday's not so soon. haha....)

ThaiExpress @ Holland Village
16 Lorong Mambong
Singapore 277677

Tel: 6466 6766

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Anonymous said...

Anyhow search food and I found ur Blog!
woo...ur blog got lots of nice foods!
N the way u take the pics makes the foods look so yummy!!!
Nice blog!
I will definitely go to see the foods that u post.
but, if you post how much for the foods would be better. in case, go to eat there not enuff $$ .

Yenswky said...

what is the name of the dish that is super spicy...another dish there that is super spicy is their chicken noodle..woah

vincent said...


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Dutchie said...

Our SG host lives near Junction 8 in Bishan. There is a Thai Express which we frequent twice a week for our dinners. Hubby wanted to try the whole menu *rolled eyes* We both enjoyed the food there :-)

Unknown said...


Sometimes forget the price lah. So din update the price. But if I remember or have the receipt, I post them up ;-)

Oops I realised I forgot to put it in.
It's Yellow Ginger Chicken. It's really really spicy!!!

Thanks that you like this site. Will visit your site soon.

How's it possible to order everything from the menu? haha...

I wish I could try everything too sometimes ;-)

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