Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sushi Tei @ Holland Village

It was one of our colleague's birthday on Tuesday and we asked the birthday girl, what she would like to eat. She said Sushi Tei, because it can save us money.

(how considerate of her. we treat the birthday boy/girl lunch on their birthdays, and she has the Sushi Tei card that gives the holder 20% off on their birthday month).

There was a long story to get everyone here, as everyone had so many last minute stuff to do. But we all made it. :-)

We went to the branch at Holland Village. As we had 7 persons, we were seated upstairs.
Here's some of the things that we had. Table's too cramp, and it was difficult to take photos of food on the other side. LOL...

We ordered individual meals, and a few communal items.
Here's mine. I had the Tonkatsu & Cold Chasoba. I think I am addicted to chasoba?

Chasoba with Tonkatsu

The tonkatsu this time was dry though. So what I did was to dip the meat into the soba sauce! LOL...

Chasoba with Tonkatsu

"Wire" ordered what he always orders when he goes to Sushi Tei. Sansai Udon. I think he likes this as I like chasoba.

Sancai Udon

The birthday girl had Chirashi. We realised that the birthday girl always orders Chirashi too!


"Old Cat" ordered this. We also realized he always orders this!
We concluded that most of us just orders the same things when we visit Japanese places! See, the above are proof!


"Pirate" ordered something different though. It's the Seasonal Promotion, and this is the Salmon Burg Baked Rice. (we realized Burg stands for Burger haha)

Salmon Burg Baked Rice

Two other colleague's food too far away for my hands to reach. Did not want to trouble them as well. ;-)

Here's the communal or shared stuff. Also a new item, this is the Collagen Nabe, we had the miso soup base.

Collagen Nabe

After the soup is poured in. This is quite delicious....

Collagen Nabe

The soft shell crab.

Soft Shell Crab

This one is quite good too. Beef slices wrapping the inoki.

Beef with Inoki

Lastly, the Shio Octopus. We kinda like it. It was done nicely where it was not tough and still juicy. yums!

Shio Octopus

Happy Birthday Ms T.

Sushi Tei @ Holland Village
20 Lorong Mambong,
Singapore 277679

Telephone +65 6463 2310
Facsimile +65 6463 2316

Opening Hours
11.30am to 10.00pm daily
(last order 9.30pm)

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Dutchie said...

All looks good except the raw stuff which Old Cat ordered ... now, that just gives me the shivers ! Even if the steamed chicken has a little pink showing, I feel nauseous *-*

I like the nicknames btw. It brings back memories of my school days. That "void" is now filled by hubby with scores of pet names for me :-)

backStreetGluttons said...

You are lucky indeed to be enveloped with all kinds of birthdays and aunt days , every next day !
How about some really GF days soon !

zs said...

I love chasoba and chirashi too. :) One of the nicer ones I've had in recent times was at Akashi. Nowadays I'm not very impressed with Sushi Tei anymore.

HairyBerry said...

i was at sushi tei last night as well! hehe..the taka branch. their clam soup is actually quite good. do give it a try next time! ;D

Noodlegirl said...

oh yum the japanese food in ashland sucks!

Reza Rezeki said...

Hmmmm Nice Food
I love It,,
can I ask One QUESTIOn??
IS the Halal Food??
cOz i'm Moslem

Anonymous said...

I dined at sushi tei in Holland V quite sometime back and i wasn't impressed with the quality of food at all. The tonkatsu was dry and terrible! I hope its not a common problem with the other outlets

Unknown said...

Not everyone likes raw food eh? ;-)
Ya, we have lots and lots of pet names for our siblings at home too. lol

Yeah, surrounded by so many people who loves the same hobby! lol

ZS, Girlpersonified,
Sushi Tei is near mah... Plus we get discounts too. hehe...

Ya, the clam soup is nice. Tried it before. slurp!

DIY! Some are really easy to make. ;-)

I don't think they are halal though. There are some other chains of Japanese food that's halal.

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