Thursday, April 09, 2009

Beppu Dining Restaurant @ China Square

These are dinner photos from Anthea and Alvin's birthday we celebrated a few days ago. We initially met at Far East Square, but the restaurants that we wanted to go had closed down!

The other restaurants did not look too good and most could not really host the 19 of us easily. So we walked across the street to China Square and somehow ended up at Beppu Dining Restaurant.

It seems most restaurants here are quite empty nowadays, this is the financial district and the finance people are really watching their wallets really tight. After we sat down and was going to order our food, we saw promotion that if we spend $50, we get a $10 voucher for the next visit.

We thought, maybe we can ask for the vouchers to be used immediately. We asked them and they said no, but since there was so many of us, one of our friends who has thicker skin asked again. Cut the story short, we spent over $200 and we got $20 off. We are easily satisfied.

Anyway, the folks here are really nice and they provided us with small plates for our delicious cake posted few days ago. The place is quite cozy too for big group outings.

Here's the food we had:
From the other table, a paper hot pot.

Paper Hot Pot

Sorry, I forgot to ask what hot pot it is and I can't tell from the photo. LOL..

Paper Hot Pot

From our table:
Hiyayakko - Cold Tofu $3.20

Hiyayakko - Cold Tofu

The Tori Karaage. $6.10
Another shared item from our table - Fried chicken pieces always taste good right? It's not too dry so it was not too bad.

Tori Karaage

We realised later that two other persons also ordered food that has Karaage in it.

The Oniyama Jigoku - Crispy Chicken on Ramen from Hell. $9.30
Why from hell? I don't know and I wonder why.

The ramen dishes all have a 1, 2, 4 of 8 chilli rating. 1 is spicy, 2 is for the more daring. 4 and 8 are for the insane. LOL

Oniyama Jigoku - Crispy Chicken on Ramen

Yup, another person who likes fried chicken had the Kara Age Don. $8

Kara Age Don

The braised pork ramen. $10.50
Look at the fatty meat. Fat lovers will like it, fat haters will flee. LOL
Our friend did not have any chilli, because we were told 1 chilli is spicy. Most of us think that 1 is just nice.

Braised Pork Ramen

I had the Beppu Ramen $13.80 because the person said it's their best noodles and most people eat it. I had it with 1 chilli.

It's OK lah. Think we have so many new ramen shops around that has been raising the standards higher and higher, this has become so so only.

Beppu Ramen

Another friend who is an Unagi fan had the Unagi Ramen. $11.50

Unagi Ramen

As usual, company was great, much greater than the food. Had a great night out.

Beppu Dining Restaurant
20 Cross Street
#01-19 China Court,
China Square Central

Tel: 6438 0328 / 6438 556

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