Monday, April 27, 2009

Vietnamese Food @ NUS Business Canteen

A quick post as I have been extremely busy these few days. This was lunch few days ago when I ate at the NUS Business Canteen.

What a coincidence that I met an old friend there. I seldom come to this canteen, and he works in Science Park and also seldom come here, I think it's the first time this year here.

This is food from the Vietnamese stall. With the swine flu around, I guess I will still eat pork. The lady stacks the food up very high.

The rice is hidden behind, and no I did not do adjust the vegetable and meat. ;-)
Around 5 pieces of Vietnamese style pork, and 1 big scoop of greens. $2.

Pork with Green Veggies

Oh yes, a bowl of complimentary soup.
Simple, satisfying and cheap lunch.

I was also tempted to 'add extra ingredients', but decided I should eat less. LOL.
The other stew looks good too.

Vietnamese Stall,
NUS Business Canteen

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