Monday, April 20, 2009

Curry Fish Head @ Aunt's Place

Since I am posting on Aunt's cooking, here's another to add to the collection. This was dinner last night at Uncle and Aunt's home.

I did not take photos of all the dishes, except the curry fish head. We had pork trotters in black sauce, 2 fish heads, xiao bai cai for the 8 of us.

Despite the crazy warm and humid spells these few days, we still wanted to eat Curry Fish Head. You know there are many types of curry, and this is the Indian Curry Fish Head. The moment you taste it you know. We ate it and recognised Indian Curry. Yummy!!

We asked aunt how she mixed the spices up so nicely. Whose recipe? Or which brand of sauce she used. She told us, the secret is Tesco! (Not the UK one, but the Malaysia one) It has been so so so warm these few days, everyone wants to go somewhere cooling like shopping malls. Uncle, Aunt and cousin decided to not squeeze with the 4 or 5 million people in this city that's all rushing to the shopping malls here, so they drove across the causeway. They went to Tesco at Tebrau City, Johor Bahru.

While doing groceries there, there was this curry powder place inside Tesco that is so so popular with the locals. The person seeling the curry mix will be asking you what are you going to cook. Fish? Chicken? If chicken, how big is the chicken etc... They will then mix the powder up for you.

Guess what, they also provide the amount of onion and garlic etc to cook with. They will be blending the onions etc there for you. Guess how much it cost? RM3.80 (SGD 1.58 / USD 1.05)
Better value and fresher than the prepack sauces!

(Fish, ladies finger, brinjal are all bought in Singapore and cooked in a Singapore kitchen, so it can appear in this blog. haha.. )

The taste was good. The 8 of us, including aunt thinks that we should add more water next time, so we get more sauce.

Fish Head Curry

After dinner, we made this super easy and cooling dessert.

Earlier in the afternoon, we went to buy the ingredients for the dish above and also bought fruits.

3 Thai mangoes are selling at Giant for $1.99 only. Korean strawberries are also on sale. We bought 1 kg tub of Aloe Vera. Can't remember the brand, but it's around $4.20. Can of Longan from our own pantry. (Hosen brand seems to be nice, and it's on sale at Fairprice)

Cut the mangoes into big chunks. Add in the Aloe Vera tub, including the water, it's not very sweet, so its ok. Drain the syrup off the longan and pour in only the longan, halve the strawberries, a whole punnet of it, squeeze in juice from about 8 lime and add in LOTS and LOTS of ice!!

Mango, Aloe Vera, Longan and Strawberries!

This dessert's easy to make and very very refreshing. The weather's insane these few days, so I am sure you will like this. The strawberries I think are end of season, so they are a bit sourish! But it complements the rest of the sweet stuff.

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Dutchie said...

The curries I made at home here r indonesian. I really missed the pungent mix in indian curries. During our last visit in SG, we bought 2 packs (500 grams each) of indian curry masala in Little India - one for fish n the other for meat (mutton, chicken). When we tried it out here, it turned out to be very bland n the flavour is weak. Pity tho, we were so looking forward to a genuine indian curry :-(

teckiee said...

uhhhh nice with the strawberries!

HairyBerry said...

now i'm fantasizing about the pork trotters in black sauce. cos got no picture..haha!

yeah, the kari kepala ikan looks good. we should check out an Indian eatery next time!

Unknown said...

Maybe you should get the premix ones, they are not bad. But usually not Indian. Indian one is more pungent :-)

But strawberries are end of season, so it is a bit sour, but complement all the rest of the sweet stuff :-)

Ya, we got a list of places that we want to eat, still have not done it yet!

Fantasize of the pork trotters... hehe...

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