Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kaya Toast & Curry Chicken @ Killiney Kopitiam Bukit Timah

This was what my bro ate last Sunday. Sis had the kaya toast, the rest of us had drinks over here. (after lunch next door).

He seems to like it. He finished every single drop of the curry!

A nice warm bowl of rice and curry. Excellent combi right?

Sis had the kaya toast. Hmm she was not too happy with it though.

She said something's not so correct. Yup, she has a sensitive taste buds.

What I had was a cup of 'fishing' / 'tiao her' (hokkien), while others had the Teh-C, Kopi-C, Teh-C-Peng etc... the combi was so complex.

Killiney Kopitiam Bukit Timah
8 Cheong Chin Nam Road,
Singapore 599733
Tel: 6467 7589

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dilutedmagnetics said...

Another suaku moment for me. I really need to try out this place. It's quite close to our place and I didn't know about it :)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely combination! I mean, all kopitiams have this... I just never thought of the combination of kaya toast and curry chicken. Me wants that for brunch now... *tummy growls*

His Food Blog said...

I love Killiney Kopitiam's Kaya Toast - but I would usually travel to the Killiney one at Orchard Road for my fix!

They are much better than Ya Kun's one.

Anonymous said...

I need to come home..!! you are killing me..!!

tigerfish said...

Why the kaya toast not so correct? The butter did not melt or they did not use "brown" bread?

Curry looks good but wonder if it taste good.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! I really like your site.

Unknown said...

lunch is served,
no lah. me too. i was like ey, got food there meh? LOL

lots of other combos available. let your creativity juices flow... (gastric juices too. LOL)

Ya, many people says the one at Orchard's good. There are so many 'brands' of kaya toast now right?

mama bok,
come home lah! come home before the fuel prices makes travelling even more expensive!

nowdays most of them that I see, the butter's still in pieces or only a little melted. maybe they want people to see it? LOL.

and guess what, some people actually take the butter off leh, they why bother ordering right?

thanks! :-)

alicesg said...

Your photo of food looked so delicious. Yummy.

Unknown said...

one day we should meet up for food!

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