Monday, April 21, 2008

Tiramisu @ Kev & Pris

After the dinner yesterday, we went to Kev & Pris for dessert. Sounds like a dessert place ya? Maybe Kev & Pris can really open up a tiramisu place. :-)

The container of home made tiramisu, truly made from the heart.

The layers of it... Pris is the dessert queen, so you can't expect anything less than yummy.

A half slice of it. Kev & Pris added cognac to it.

This is the recipe that they used. It is delicious. Their Kenwood Mixer broke down and Kev had to hand whisk it! Maybe that's why it tasted better.

Tiramisu Recipe


1) 500g Mascarpone Cheese
2) 5 egg whites
3) 100g sugar
4) A pinch of salt
5) Sponge biscuits
6) 100ml espresso power (4 teaspoon)
7) 60ml brandy or wine


1) Beat cheese & sugar together. Loosen cheese
2) Beat egg white & salt till a firm foam
3) Arrange sponge biscuits on tray & pour coffee mixture onto sponge
4) Mix egg white together with mascarpone cheese
5) Spread a layer on the sponge biscuits

If you want to know if you made it correctly, invite us over. We will tell you ;-)

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