Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wantan Noodles @ Amoy Street Food Centre

This stall is a stall I frequently eat on Tuesdays / Thursdays for the last few years. Friends and I eat here because we all attend the same Bible study that is hosted at the church right opposite. We seems to be always rushing and this is one of the 'fast food' available.

This is what I usually have. (No, it's not on the menu on the board.) It's Wanton Hor Fun. Yes, I like anything kuey teow or hor fun. (or even phở haha).

The uncle is quite generous with the meat, mushroom and veg. I always put on lots of chilli on it. Yum Yum... Very satisfying as it leaves a spicy taste and feeling on your lips. LOL.

It comes with 5 wantons in the soup. Depends on the uncle's mood, sometimes the wanton's over the noodles and the soup has nothing in it.

Don't you think 'fast food' like these taste better than the 'col sanders' or 'golden arches' fast food? hehe..

It's at Stall 01-31, Amoy Street Food Centre.

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tigerfish said...

Heee...this type of fast food interest me for a longer time. KFC or Macdonalds...only can eat once in a while. Two days in a row can be so sian liow!

Anonymous said...

Hey, have you tried the wantan mee in Melaka? From the famous stall in Jalan Bunga Raya? It's different, instead of the soupy soya sauce base, we have a drier, chilli-based sauce. I love it and I'm notorious for not eating wantan mee outside of my hometown. :P

Let me know if you ever drop by Melaka; I'll head down from KL and join you for a bowl of wantan-y goodness! ;)

Anonymous said...

it looks very delicious!

mama bok said...

For sure..!! i would give up KFC if i could have a bowl of this .. right now. :)

team bsg said...

food aside , since you have mentioned it , we have a feeling that many Chinese bloggers tend to be religious , or is that a coincidence . Most active Chinese lady political blogs we browse in Malaysia are quite outspokenly Christians . We could be terrifyingly incorrect / mistaken

Keropok Man said...

but kids can eat kfc and McD every meal leh!! :-p

No, not the wantan mee in Melaka, but the wantan mee in Batu Pahat!!! Batu Pahat has a very famous Wantan Mee too!!

Thanks Anon,

But hor, I am a bit 'siao'. I like KFC crispy chicken skin leh. LOL

Well, the Bible does say "man shall not live by bread alone". ok ok. this is totally quoting it out of context. hehe..

Ming the Merciless said...

Definitely better than KFC and Mickey D.

But it has to be cool outside to eat all that. Otherwise, I would be sweating all over.

Keropok Man said...

it's ok lah, night time it is not very hot and stuffy.

places with air-conditioning, you got to pay extra for the food. :-)

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