Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe @ Anchorpoint

On Sunday night, we needed to get something from Ikea, so we thought we would have dinner at Ikea as well. When we got there, we realize that Ikea at Alexandra is under renovation. The restaurant's closed!

So, we crossed the overhead bridge to get to Anchorpoint. Bad timing, everywhere's so packed! The food court's so packed, even KFC has no seats. Not really interested in other food, so we walked into Xin Wang just beside KFC. We got ushered to an empty table.

Bro has noodles. Very instant noodles right? That's my impression of HK Cafe noodles, and this reinforces it. LOL

Sis had chicken chop with rice instead. An egg is hidden below the chicken.

For me? I had Pork Curry. The curry looks sinful ya? It is! LOL. But it was nice. Sis had this curry over her rice too.

The rice came with achar. Hmmm, looks very fusion eh?

Missing the Ikea chicken wings etc, and no way I am traveling all the way to the Tampines branch to eat it. I shall wait....

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Anonymous said...

Crouching Chicken, Hidden Telur? Lol.

tigerfish said...

Hahhaa....achar in HK cuisine? No wonder they drop the "Jiao" after the Xin Wang in their eatery name:)

alicesg said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. Always love visiting your food blog. :)

Keropok Man said...

haha.. that's a good one!
hidden telur has runny yoke, which is my favourite.

nowadays everything fusion fusion lah. :-)

thanks for visiting too!

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