Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cafe Cartel @ IMM

Yesterday, we had our Melb friends monthly meet up again. Only 5 adults turned up this month compared to sometimes 18 over in certain months. Some had to do RT, some went for holidays, others had to rest more because the baby is coming out anytime! With fewer people, we had a very cosy dinner.

We met in the West this time because we were going to someone's house in the 'westest west of Singapore' (sorry for the silly English, but I am sure you can know what I mean) for their homemade tiramisu for supper! (yum yum!)

Everyone knows Cafe Cartel serves bread. Kids are all the same! 3 kids that was with us only ate the middle part of the bread! The crust was all passed to their mummies, but the mummies dont want to eat them, so the daddies had to eat them. (If you are a parent, are you the bread crust person too? haha...)

We were in a mood for their St Louis Pork Ribs, and guess what?
We ordered 5 sets of it!

The 2nd plate of it. I think I shall not show you the next 3 plates. :-)

We also had a starter salad.

OK, this is a rare picture. We get messy when we eat!

The ribs are delicious, but you get 'jelak' eating too much of it. We should have ordered maybe 3 sets of it instead and ordered other things ;-)

Hope you weekend had been great!

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mama bok said...

Wow..!! that's alot of meat..!! muahahah!!

wei said...

I think it used to be even bigger!! But yeah, very rich, very filling and worth the price.

alicesg said...

Hahaha, the portion looked very big, dont think I can finish it too.

Nic (KHKL) said...

wah, seems like you like IMM's cafe cartel a lot hor...haha

the st. louis ribs is good! that's the only thing i like to order when i'm at cartel...hehe...

keelyn said...

The St Louis Pork Ribs is too much for me. Half portion of it would taste better than full portion =P

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