Saturday, April 19, 2008

McCafe @ Great World City

After the Nasi Padang lunch yesterday, we j-walked Zion Road (haha...) to cross over to Great World City. We wanted to look for a place for some drinks.

We wanted to go to TCC, but found that it to be under renovation. Next choice was Coffee Bean. It was full and it was mostly 1 person tables. We had 4 people, so we can't share tables anyway. Spinelli was also crowded, so we settled for McCafe.

We made the right choice!

A colleague had a hot chocolate. Yes, it comes with marshmallows too :-)

We also had two slices of cake to share. This chocolate cake is quite nice. Chocolatey, moist and warm. (it was heated for us :-) )

There was also Oreo Cheesecake (with a cute mini oreo above).

The other 3 of us, we had 3 cold drinks. Don't the drinks look so colourful and tempting?
Mango, Vanilla and Chocolate. Hey, if you do a blind test, you might think it's from the "more expensive brands" mentioned earlier.

I mentioned it was a right choice right? You know why? McCafe has such good service!

Halfway through our drinks and cakes, (shall I call her a McCafe Barista,) walked over to us with 4 cups of water. She said, you have ordered some cakes, and your drinks are sweet too. These few cups of water might be what you need.

Wow!!! We were so so impressed! Well done McDonalds!

Not sure if other tables got served, we were served and they just got themselves 4 more repeat customers! Makes us wonder if the other branches of McCafe has staff that is so passionate about their work and customers.

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Momo said...

The Mango drink looks so good that i want a cup of that now!
Good on Mackers for that great service :)

mama bok said...

Maybe.. 4 of you .. handsome lah. :P that is why she gave special attention.. muahahahha!!!

alexander said...

The Oreo Chessecake looks really good. I am craving to try it. You should try the chocolate cake with cream, it is normally good. :) Great captures!

Have a nice weekend.

Alex's World! -

Anonymous said...

Eeyer... How come we don't have McCafes here in KL? So unfair! But yeah, if I were, they'd have gotten a repeat customer for sure too! Good service makes a whole world of difference! :)

team bsg said...

There isn't such an extended version yet in Malaysia right ?

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