Saturday, April 05, 2008

Ya Kwang Dai Pai Dong @ 709 Geylang Road

Today, my sis and I had lunch with Camemberu and Southernoise at Ya Kwang. It was good to see Southernoise after like 12 years! and finally got to meet Camemberu & Nadine.

We had arranged this lunch a long time ago just to try the Crab Bee Hoon. But alas, the flight that brought the crabs got delayed or something like that and there was no crabs for us today.

No crabs? No worries, as there's other things to eat.

This is the 'clam noodles' (or you can call it al dente 'vongole pasta' chinese style. It's 'lala ban mian ala western style', which taste very good. We had wanted to eat the 'lala' alone, but was recommended by Jason (the owner) that you should eat it with the noodles. We ordered a double portion of clams with 1 portion of noodles to try. The gravy there is yummilicious!

We also had this veg dish with mushrooms. The mushroom goes very well with this veg with a bitter tip. It was fried with lots of garlic and it was yummy for a garlic fan like me ;-)

People who comes here will always try this. The rib-eye terriyaki.
It looks a bit different this time compared to the last time I was here, but it was still good.

We had Char Kuey Teow as well. I am a CKT fan, so I will just eat it whenever I see it, done any style. This is the Penang Style CKT.

We got to try the Salmon Head Steamed Hong Kong style. It was recommended by Jason. OK lah. It was nice but I think my sis who don't like fish with fishy smell did not really touch it. LOL. All on the table thinks Salmon should only be eaten as sashimi. (or grilled).

We also had fried chicken wings. Somehow, I did not have the picture in my camera, and I think camemberu did not have it as well. LOL. Why ah? Too busy eating and playing with Nadine lor.

We were joined by ieat and family who said he might pop by. He did. It was interesting to see ieat & Jason experimenting new dishes on the fly, next thing you know, something new appears on the table! Next time you are there, you might want to try the "Teriyaki Beef Hor Fun" that was concocted today. (Beef strips with yummy caramelized onions on hor fun.)

Want to know how much it cost? Or what's on special? Just take a look at the prices here ;-)

We still have not tried the Crab Bee Hoon, so maybe we might be back again!

Food's taste good and value for money. You can pop by 709 Geylang Road (Lor 37) between
11am to 11pm daily. If you want certain special orders, call them at 9817-0006

Photos of my previous trip here with colleagues.
You can pop over to Camemberu to check out the stories too.

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KopiKosongGirl said...

Alamak! No crab?!? :(

Unknown said...

No ;-(
Maybe not meant for me to try it? LOL

KopiKosongGirl said...

Haha, when i go the crabs will come crawling over ;)

Unknown said...

u mention that, and suddenly i thought of Christmas Island. Hmmmm I wonder the crabs there are edible. LOL

Camemberu said...

Haaha, both of us left out the chicken wings but hey, you managed to get a photo of the new teriyaki beef horfun!

Yes, let's do another makan outing when we can. I should come more to the West!

southernoise said...

you guys are fast! haha...

I'm hungry again looking at the pictures.

Unknown said...

camemberu is the one that is fast! she posted it earlier.

must salute her! taking care of two kids and still have time.

yes, i missed out the chicken, why ah? LOL

where to go next? ;-p

KopiKosongGirl said...

You all too greedy liao :P Hahahaa.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Canada

'vongole pasta' chinese style - looks interesting

rib-eye terriyaki - nothing too fancy, the Japanese restaurants here should have them

Char Kuey Teow - looks interesting

Salmon Head Steamed Hong Kong style - looks strange, Salmon are baked, broiled, grilled, smoked and never steamed in Canada

p/s: Pop over to Camemberu and think you have better photos and site. Black background looks bad.

Unknown said...

Anon fr Canada,

But not all Jap restaurant can make it as nice :-) Here you get to try all things under the same roof.

I think color and fonts depends on people's preference. But I like Camemberu's writing style. I am too lazy to write. Thanks for dropping by. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I think you managed to try a few interesting dishes despite the MIA crabs. :)

Wish you are here in the Klang Valley... there's a planned expedition to Fatty Crab soon. *slurps*

(These crabs no chances of crawling away... Heh heh heh.)

tigerfish said...

Oh ya, the clams with kway teow...I want to have some now!

Unknown said...

when when when?
hopefully your crabs will not crawl away!!

come back and eat lah.. :-)
not coming back for holidays??

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