Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Desserts - Coffee Club @ Holland Village

Hmmm... Are both Momo and Crunchasarus Rex frequent diners at Coffee Club? They guess it correctly what desserts we had.

This is the Fruity Tiramisu. Something sweet and sourish as well.

This Chocolate Delice is very absolutely yummy! It's so chocolatey!
It is even yummier if you mix 1 scoop of it with the Muddy Mud Pie.

Guess what? We were all doing silly billy things. Posing with the food and I don't have photo of it without our silly poses.

Ya, that is my colleague's mouth. Chop off the top, so that he wont be identified. :-)

Do you all do silly photo poses like we do? We do that quite often. No, you don't get to see it here. :-)

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rinaz said...

I love muddy mud pie!!!

Yummmmmm ... good thing the nearest branch for me is at IMM :)Not too far away

Momo said...

The Chocolate Delice looks so pretty :)
Mud pie photo - that looks like DP's mouth ;) hahahaha.

HisFoodBlog said...

Muddy Mud Pie!!!

carolyn said...

The mud pie is my fave dessert at Coffee Club!

Crunch Rex said...

I haven't been to Coffee Club for about 8 yrs now.. :) but i sure do remember their desserts.. :) and from your pictures.. i see they are doing even better at it.. :)

Keropok Man said...

rinaz, HFB, carolyn,
i think everyone loves it ya!!!!
we were a bit gila, we wanted to order 3! but restrained ourselves and ordered only 2. haha..

yes it is!

crunch rex,
ooo. 8 years! no withdrawal symptoms? :-P

ladyironchef said...

how much is the desserts??

HisFoodBlog said...

Guess wat? After all your lovely photos of Coffee Club, I finally make a trip down to the Holland V outlet and tried the new Chocolate Delice found in the menu - EXCELLENT!

Will blog about it soon!

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