Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Yong Tau Foo @ The Deck (Arts Canteen, NUS)

We have been eating slightly costlier food, so it's back to cheaper eats.

I had lunch with colleagues from different buildings at my workplace today. We met for lunch at The Deck, more commonly known as the NUS Arts Canteen.

Looks like since the last time I was here, this stall has won another award! Apparently, it's the best stall in this canteen.

I picked 8 items, and it seems when I eat YTF, I always pick the same things! I always have a tomato!

You have to queue twice. The first queue, you pick the ingredients and pass this bowl to the lady at the counter.

You then go to the next queue and wait and inch forward slowly. After around 5 minutes or less, tada! Today's lunch. I had the dry version. You pour the sweet sauce or/and chilli sauce over the YTF according to your taste.

Satisfying. I had a tad too much sweet sauce over it. LOL...

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EJ. said...

YTF is like so comfort food.
adding tomato, something new and healthy.

Anonymous said...

i always choose pretty similar stuff too -- kang kong, brinjal, tomato, taofu, dark fried soya sheet, yam, ngoh hiam & fishball. i love to hv a mix of colours!

singaporean womak

Anonymous said...

That's something new for me too --- never had it with a tomato... Hmm, this is a nice twist... definitely healthier! :D

Blur Angel said...

Hi! i went there today but i didn't try the food as i was not hungry! but i'm sure i'll have loads of chances to try the food out in future ...

Keropok Man said...

ej, somehow my YTF always have tomato since dunno when! ;-)

sg womak, great minds think alike and eat alike! hehe..

if ordering the soupy version, the tomato just makes the soup taste just nicer! kenny, tomato are good for men! LOL..

blur angel,
u should try it. the food's here is much cheaper.

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