Sunday, April 13, 2008

Yum Yum Thai @ Sunset Way

Last night (Sat night), we were suppose to meet a group of friends for dinner, but I guess we have to abandon them when our brother arrived into Singapore later than expected. His estimated arrival time is the same time as dinner time all the way in the east. No way we will be on time. So told them earlier in the day can't make it.

We changed plans to join sis who was meeting another friend from Melbourne for dinner instead. He's been working here for a year, and we only met him like less than 5 times. We had planned to go to Central for Japanese food.

Guess what, we changed plans again. (3 change of plans in a day!) We headed to Yum Yum Thai at Sunset Way instead, where sis had dinner few days earlier and thought that we should try it too.

So, what did we have? There was a 'this week's special' board and we decided to order all the 4 main dishes listed on it! We asked for recommendation and was told those listed on the board is what people come specially to eat. On! We took all of it. (We had 5 people today, so with more people, we can try more stuff hehe..)

The fried stuff chicken wings. The stuffing was very compact and it was nice.

This is the crispy bean curd with thai sweet chilli.

This is the Steamed Seafood. (Fish Head, Prawn, Squid, Mussel). This is superbly good! The fish is very fresh, totally no 'fishy smell'. The soup is spicy tomyam that gushes through your head. It looks clear, but it is really potent. We loved this dish the most for the night.
The rest of the seafood is behind, hidden, if you are wondering ;-)

This is the 4th of the Weekly Special. Fried Seafood Tanghoon. It goes really well with the spicy (not the sweet) thai chilli they gave us.

In addition to that, we also had "fan su ye" / Sweet Potato leaves.

We also had Olive Rice. We enjoyed this very much too.

Not forgetting the pomelo salad.

It was a very satisfying meal indeed. We think we might go back for the fish again. Just the fish would makes us happy people. haha..

Total bill for the night was $92.10. Steamed Seafood dish costing $25.

Yum Yum Thai
106 Clementi Street 12
(more commonly known as Sunset Way)

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Anonymous said...

May I know what camera u carry with you everyday to take these photos?

mama bok said...

Awesome food..!! drooling..!! even though i am sick now.. i still wanna eat them.. :)

Keropok Man said...

Sony T200 ;-)

Aiyo, take care hor. Falling sick is very kor lian one...

Camemberu said...

waaaah...what a luscious spread! why so far away at sunset way! and so many of my favourite Thai dishes! look at how juicy the pomelo salad is! so much pomelo too, unlike some places which are very stingy!

haa...and where in the East were you all planning to go earlier? :P

Keropok Man said...

Eng Seng Restaurant at Joo Chiat there to have Crabs. LOL

wei said...

Wow, this looks totally yummy! Its 3 am here in Sydney, and a Singaporean student is feeling very hungry and homesick! :)

southernoise said...

wow another place i wanna visit. I crave for thai food and the next trip to bangkok is in July....

sunset way!

Keropok Man said...


Sydney has great food too! you can go to kitchen and whip up something :-) then eat all you want when you get back to Sg.

sis and i, we were thinking about the thai food we had in BKK too.

maybe we shall book another flight there. LOL

we really explore bangkok since we went there for more than 1 week. one memorable place was this very busy backlane somewhere near Victory Monument. It was a locals only back alley coz we no see people with cameras or people carrying crumplers. LOL

We were hunting for food, then we saw this place that looks popular with families. Families we mean we see a few "ah gong and ah mah" and also parents with little kids. The kind of family groupings you see in HDBs heartland kopitiams.

So we went in, they speak only thai, so we had to point at pictures to order food, or with our limited thai food names we are familiar with. LOL. The food that came out was good. Everything was so flavoursome and all the herbs in the dishes can be seen, they dont bother to take it out, which means everything very authentic.

the price was reasonable too. how to pay since we can't communicate? use calculator lah. we all understand numbers. haha..

we also went to this chinatown back alley too. they also spoke thai only. but.... after taking our orders, we heard some hokkien and teo chew being spoken in the kitchen! haha.. then we spoke hokkien to them! food also good and cheap.

after a few of those adventures, we thought we wanted to order food using English, so we went to touristy places, eating touristy food and paying touristy prices. LOL..

Ming the Merciless said...

You must be related to Lee Kuan Yew! How else can anyone afford to eat out that much, all the time.

Tell Uncle Lee I said HI and also, tell him RETIRE means "no meddling of public business-lah". :-)

southernoise said...

ahhh keropok man... i'd do that too if my better half would lower her guard to eat street food...

so its at least cafe, food court or restaurant for us. SIGHS!

Anonymous said...

I haven't been to Sunset Way for two years since my dog passed away.

You mean they now have restaurants over there? I only recalled they have the Cheng Huat Coffeeshop over there the last time...

Keropok Man said...

of course not! you can email him. LOL. I think his email is available at his office website. haha..

it's ok one lah, mum went another trip with sis and she ate more street food than us. LOL..

yes, it's very different now! you should go visit.

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