Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sushi Tei @ Raffles City Shopping Centre

It's the Robinsons Cardmembers preview sale yesterday and today. After work, met up with sis and her colleague so we can see if there's any bargains. Robinsons at Raffles City SC is so so packed! Just too many people and its sale, people in Singapore gets selfish and blocks lanes etc..

Give up shopping. We are going for dinner instead. Half an hour of wait, we got in to Sushi Tei. Sis colleague is a vegetarian by choice.

She ordered a Yasai Miso Soup. $6 It's a very big bowl of soup!

And ate it with assortment of sushi. $6

Sis and I, other than stealing her colleague's sushi, we had the Chanko Nabe. $22. We had the spicy miso base. It's on a big metal container that's over the portable gas cooker.

It has mushroom, cabbages, tao pok, leek, tofu, carrots, potatoes, melon and udon.

It also comes with minced chicken on bamboo. We just scrap and shape them into balls and it goes into the so called 'steamboat'.

Very soupy soupy night. After that we left this place and headed for desserts.
$36.65 after a 10% sushi tei members discount.

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mama bok said...

Not bad in pricing.. :)

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