Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Birthday Lunch : Coffee Club @ Holland Village

A very Happy Birthday to our colleague, Ms Preggie. (that's an alias she gives herself in English, the chinese version is 'da du por')

To celebrate it, 8 of us who was in office went to Holland Village to have lunch. It was a pity for those who could not make it. I guess they can give her a separate treat :-)

Ms Preggie has suggested we go to Coffee Club. As it was not 1 pm, the upstairs that is bright and sunny is not opened, so we sat downstairs. It has been some time since we were here, and we realised that the menu has changed. (sad to say, also the pricing).

The 8 of us shared two starters. The Calamari Rings.
It sure is better than the ring rings on our office phones the whole day, which we think is a suffering. :-)

We also had the Spice Chicken Wings.

DP has something called "really huge chicken sandwich". It sure is big. High in calories, but he doesn't care. He is one who gets the best rating for his medical report among us.

SI had 'Gobble & Oink' sandwich. Ya you can guess what it is. Turkey and Crisp Bacon.

Was it sandwich / burger day? WY and I, both ordered the "Coffee Club Burger" each. I had the one with an egg. The beef patty is big. This thing really fills you up. The wedges fills you up more!

Ms Preggie had Beef Daube. She says it is nice, but a tad generous on the salt.
Sorry for the a bit blur photo. I realise when my food comes, the next photo that follows always get blur. LOL...

The 2 network guys in our team had the same thing. Hmmm is it an occupation hazard I wonder. They ordered pasta, doesn't it look like network cables? hahah...

Looks good ya?

ET our colleague from another building joined us too. He had the Chicken and Zucchini Baked Rice. His dish came last but he finished his food first. Is it really so good? :-)

Clever readers like you should know. What do we usually eat at Coffee Club? It's something we always have without fail. Too many photos today, shall post it tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Nice... I was in the Coffee Club (this one in Paragon, methinks) when I was down in S'pore last weekend, post-dinner. The Tiramisu latte I had could definitely be a tad more alcoholic... :P

But the mains look great! Guess I'll hit this again when I'm back the next time. :D

HisFoodBlog said...

The food looks great especially the burgers. Didn't realise they served such delicious looking food. This joint is my fav among all for my coffee fixed. Thanks for sharing!

Momo said...

hahahaa..the dessert must be Mud pie!
On top of the chix & zuchini baked rice, is that paparika?
All the burgers looks huge! But delicious :P

Crunchasarus Rex said...


Keropok Man said...

were you driving? you want more alcohol??? LOL

ya, we used to think of this place as a dessert and drinks place too!

yup, big big eh? but i think nothing beats the one in brisbane! LOL...

you read minds? LOL...

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