Friday, April 25, 2008

Birthday Celebration @ Peaberry and Pretzel, Sunset Way.

Happy Birthday to our dear cousin! It's our cousin's birthday today. But we all celebrated it last Sunday so that other cousins can make it too.

Today's also her last paper for the week before other papers starts again after a one week break.

We went to Sunset Way for diner and yes, we tried Yum Yum Thai again. But we sat in the open air and it is too dark to take any photos. We repeated what we did the previous week and came over to Peaberry and Pretzel to have our cake and dessert.

This is her birthday cake. You can see from the candles how old she is. PSLE exams at the end of the year, so you know lah... I think her mum is more stress about the PSLE than the daughter!

All the photos are grainy because of the poor lighting condition. Or you can blame it on me. :-)
This is the Carrot Cheese Cake that was on the counter display. It's freshly baked less than 2 hours ago when we ordered it.

It's a medium size cake and I think it's just the nice size. Everyone took a slice like this and it is just nice. What we like about it is it is moist inside and it does not have those usual icing on it. The top is cheese. It is just so so yummy!

The person taking our order said that they have the best souffle around. So we ordered one. We had the souffle with rum. $12

When you order it, it takes around 15 mins to prepare. Yes, you can see the chef separate the eggs, beat it up, etc... the whole process if you want. It's made fresh and right in front of you.

Does it tempt you?

The ice cream and white choc goes well with it!

We also had the Hot Apple and Rhubarb Crumble. $10
It is also very interesting. If you like the sour Rhubarb you will like this.

It's the weekend! Have yourself a well rested and enjoyable weekend!

Sis and I think in future, we shall get birthday cakes from here. The size is small enough. It seems people nowadays only take a tiny slice anyway. Also the price of it, at $16 is quite ok, comparable to other cakes outside.

You can visit their website for more interesting menu. We have yet to try the 'food' part. We have only been dessert-ing here. LOL

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Anonymous said...

so this is the real carrot cake!

southernoise said...

i know where i'm getting my cakes next time! :)

ladyironchef said...

Ahh.. how come u all didn't have dinner at here as well?

i didn't know about their desserts part, heard about their food, they doing german right?

the carrot cake is $16? not bad man, but how much for a slice?

its kind of dumb, but i didn't had souffle before, whats it actually ar? LOL!

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