Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bi Feng Tang @ Bukit Panjang Plaza

Last Sunday, (or two days ago), I was back at Bukit Panjang Plaza. Guess what? We went back to the same place to eat!

Here's what we ate, this is Pear soup with Ginseng frills. The soup's nice except soups like these, you can't eat the meat ;-)

We also shared the the water cress soup.

What we ate this week's a bit different from last week. This fish is quite nice. It's stir fried fish with ginger. I love the ginger slices.

This is also yummy. Pineapple pork ribs. I had a few extra pieces of it. :-p
The pineapple used are canned ones though.

OK, this is the same as last week's. It's cousin's favourite. She can eat more than half of the chicken.

This is the soup / veg dish. It's the veg with 3 eggs thingy. Yes, they have it here as well. The egg white covers it like melting snow? haha...

Another satisfied lunch. Hope you have had enough food to struggle through a hectic week.

Update (10 Sept 09) :
I was just notified that they no longer operate the Bukit Panjang Plaza branch. They are still at Wisma Atria and Century Square.

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Ming the Merciless said...

The pineapple pork ribs and soy sauce chicken look good. The soups, on the other hand, don't look too appetizing, especially that watercress soup.

mama bok said...

I really missed all these.. :(

tigerfish said...

Still don't have Bi Feng Tang (Typhoon Shelter Fried Crabs) ah? :P

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I loved that 3 eggs + Veg soup too!


Anonymous said...

oh, the chicken looks amazing! What chicken was that?

Keropok Man said...

the soup taste ok, but it seems i can't take soup photos. LOL..

hope you are better now. more soup for you perhaps.

dun have, dun have. LOL.

i think it's many people's fav now. :-) it's soya sauce chicken.

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