Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Nasi Padang @ NUH Staff Canteen

For lunch today, colleagues and I ate at the NUH Staff Canteen, we heard that the Malay Stall has changed operators. So with great kepo-sity, we went there to try it out.

The previous stall operators were generous but their portions, but their food tends to be a bit sweetish side.

This new stall operator is still generous. Food is not as sweet, so it is better. We also like their selection of 'lauk'. It looks like there is 50% more variety than the previous operator. The signs are still the same, except that they 'tampal' a new menu and price list over the old one. haha..

Three of us ate at this stall, but only took 2 photos because we were already busy eating after that. LOL

Ms Preggie had this. Guess how much? 3 veg, 1 meat for $3.

I had this. Looks a bit messy but that's Nasi Padang. I had bitter gourd, a slice of asam fish and sambal goreng. Also $3. Think fish is more expensive. But still quite a good price.

The kuah for the asam fish is very very pedas! Truly sedap dan enak. The sambal goreng has generous servings of tempeh too and not so oily.

We also tapow some pisang goreng from this stall. 4 pieces for $1. It was quite nice too. Not a lot of flour but just covering the pisang that is about ripe.

Boleh tahan lah. We will come back for more in the future.


Since it is Malay food and there's banana fritters, let me correct some of you. I remember my Malay language teacher in primary school corrected us and I still remember it. Banana Fritters are called "Pisang Goreng". You eat 'pisang goreng' and not 'goreng pisang'. Goreng Pisang is the act of frying the banana.

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Blur Angel said...

Good Job my friend , you eat
pisang goreng" not "goreng pisang" ! i've tried to tell all my Singaporean friends that , but they will still say "goreng pisang" arghhh!!

mama bok said...

Wow..!! so cheap..!!! can die..!!! never mind... goreng pisang ka.. pisang goreng.. good and cheap to eat can already lah.. :)

Anonymous said...

Hehe, here's me adding my two cents to confuse the discussion further: I've read some academicians who argue that the 'goreng' in 'goreng pisang' is not the verb, but a noun. It doesn't mean 'fry' (vt.) here but rather, 'fritters' (n.)

Hence 'goreng pisang' is still valid in some people's eyes (i.e. ancients like myself) as it means 'fritters (of) bananas'.

Me wonders if the darn Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka dudes had to mess with 'goreng pisang', why didn't they rename the Prime Minister 'Menteri Perdana'? Lol.

alicesg said...

Wow Nasi Padang, my favourite. The price is reasonable too and the chilli....yummy.

Keropok Man said...

blur angel,
but see kenny's reply. Aiyo, some academics now say it is correct.

mama bok,
did u get those forwarded emails about melting plastic when they goreng the pisang? haha... scary...

aiyo! pengsan lah like that. Must be some academics who have no paper to publish and need to boost up their rankings so publish paper like this. celaka betul!

Ah.. you are chilli lover eh... :-)

Ming the Merciless said...

If I eat like that for lunch, I will have to crawl under the table and nap for 2 hours before I can be productive again.

I'm usually hyper and frisky when I'm hungry -- all the better to do good work.

Keropok Man said...

ming, a power nap is good! :-)
you will feel more energetic to work after that.

when my colleagues and i are hungry, we can't do work. we get headaches!

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