Thursday, April 10, 2008

Vietnamese @ NUS Business Canteen

This was lunch last week at the Business Canteen at NUS. I read from the baker who cooks that she likes the food here too!

This is the Phở that I had. It's very simple and nice dish. One thing I like about Vietnamese dishes is the fresh herbs that they put on top.

Phở is pronounced to sound like 'fur'. Yes I had problem trying to pronounce it too previously.

The Vietnamese stall at the Business Canteen serves different specials daily! You see lots of Vietnamese students buying food here, so I guess it's one of the best around. It's cheap too. Only $2.50.

I have not visited Vietnam, so I am not sure how Phở taste there. But many of my friends and I, we miss the Phở in Melbourne! Right in Swanston Street there's a Viet place that served delicious Vietnamese food, and not forgetting the suburb of Richmond and Springvale. Anyone here love the Vietnamese food in Melbourne? :-)

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tigerfish said...

Ya, there is a place in Melbourne where the viet food is great! The pho came in a really huge bowl. But I forgot the name of the place. I just know it's crowded!

Anonymous said...

The name's Mekong along Swanston Street, with a sign that says "Bill Clinton had 2 bowls"

grok said...

I really, really miss the bahn mi at THE stall (can't remember the name, but it always has a super long queue right next to other less popular bahn mi stalls)in Footscray. I used to live right next to unimelb and would take a train all the way there just for my bahn mi fix... also really yummy ethiopian food ;)
Ling (homesick sg grad student now in the states)

Keropok Man said...

It's yummy right? those big bowls of pho. ahhh....

Thanks for the name. When I ate there, I think Bill had not visited it yet. LOL..

Oh ya, Footscray another place for yummy Vietnamese and Chinese food. You took the train all the way from Melb Uni?

grok said...

I'd walk to the Melb Central Stn... and always had to run the last few minutes to catch the train!

This is my first time commenting, but thank you so much for all your posts =) I'm fairly certain they make me more homesick, not less, but at least I get a list of places to hit whenever I come back!


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